Eco-Friendly Swimming Pools

How to Make Your Swimming Pool Eco-Friendlier

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April 22nd marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day.  Many people around the world will celebrate Earth Day by creating a consciousness of saving energy to make the earth a better place.

Energy efficiency is an important subject these days. Many of us are looking to save on gas, water, and the use of other natural resources.  By limiting the use of these resources, you not only are helping the environment but can also save yourself a good amount of money. When you are considering building a swimming pool in your backyard it is important to understand the amount of electricity you will be using to keep your pool running smoothly.  It is crucial to look at all your eco-friendly pool options and determine how much energy efficient pool equipment could save you.

With the advancement of technology, many pool add-ons and equipment are more energy efficient than ever before.  In addition to more energy efficient pool equipment, there are also other natural ways to lower your pool’s energy consumption.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the different things you can do to make your pool more energy efficient:

LED Pool Light

LED Lights

LED pool lighting helps reduce the amount of energy your pool uses compared to regular incandescent pool lights.  In addition to saving electricity, LED lights are available in an array of colors giving you more hours in the evening to use your swimming pool.  LED lights are also easy to control, using a remote control or timer to turn them on and off.

Did you know that a LED-rated bulb of 50,000 hours will last 50 times longer than a regular incandescent light?  That’s nine times longer than a CFL bulb, and 23 times longer than your average halogen light.

Variable Speed PumpPool Pumps

In a recent blog, we wrote about the advantage of having a variable speed pool pump versus a single speed pool pump.  The US Energy Information Association registered the average cost of electricity in Texas at $10.85 per kilowatt.  Variable speed pumps can save you 75-89% of the energy you would have used per year with a single speed pump.

Solar Panels

If you are looking to heat your pool and save energy, then solar panels may be the answer.  The investment in solar panels is competitively priced with gas and heat pump pool heaters, but the operating cost of solar panels is low. *  Another way that you can use less energy to heat your pool is by letting the sun naturally warm up your pool’s water on a hot day.

*Source –

Swimming Pool CoverSolar Blankets

Solar blankets help reduce the loss of pool water due to evaporation; this means less heat loss, less water loss and fewer pool chemicals needed to be added to your pool.  Solar blankets also help prevent debris and leaves from falling into the pool’s water when your pool is not in use.

Hedges Around the Swimming Pool

Hedges don’t only add more clean air to your backyard, but also work as a wall to block wind from hitting your pool.  Amazingly enough, having hedges around your swimming pool also helps to prevent the loss of pool water due to evaporation.Hedges to make pool eco-friendlier

Pool Filter CartridgeCartridge Filters

The use of cartridge filters can help you save energy.  Cartridge pool filters don’t only remove particles from your pool but are also simple to maintain.  All you need to do to clean your cartridges is disassemble your filter and hose down each part.  Sand filters have a lower ability to filter, are more complicated to clean and often take more energy to run.

Pool TimerTimer

A timer can help you control the time that your pump needs to run per day, your pool’s lights, as well as your pool’s water features.  Although most pool owners leave their pool pumps running 24-7, you can save energy by programming the timer for periods of time throughout the day.  Using a timer will help you to save energy while keeping your swimming pool clean.

We hope these tips help you make your swimming pool eco-friendlier.  Please, leave us your comments or suggestions of additional things you can do to make your pool more energy efficient.

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