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The Best Outdoor TV for Your New Pool

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If you enjoy your outdoor family room, then an outdoor TV makes it the ultimate experience.  TV manufacturers know that many people enjoy watching their favorite shows in an open space, but very few companies have launched electronic products designed specifically for outdoor use.

Regardless of the amount of electronics designed specifically for outdoor use, outdoor TV’s are becoming more popular.  They are not that easy to find in regular stores, but they are obtainable.  TV units designed for outdoor use, are designed with hard, waterproof covers, to protect the internal components of the harshest climates.

Why you should own an Outdoor TV:

  • Outdoor TV’s have flat anti-glare screens that adjust to various lighting conditions. All this is possible thanks to using a glass with an optical coating, and internal thermostat controls that helps regulate the cooling system.
  • They withstand extreme temperatures (depending on the unit you buy)
  • The outer resin layer protects the parts inside of the equipment from elements like rain, snow, dirt, and insects.Outdoor TV

Four Popular Outdoor TV Manufacturers:


The leading manufacturer of tv’s for bathrooms and kitchens entered into the race of few in 2016 with the launch of Cosmos, the 4K Ultra HD outdoor tv. According to their website, their products are safe enough to install near a swimming pool. They are heat-resistant, has erosion control, and has a built-in insulator.


Founded in 2004 by Global Outdoor Concepts, developed the very first* outdoor, weather resistant flat screen TV using top name brands like Samsung, Sharp, LG, and others. Today, their Diamond Pro-Line has a unique weatherproof technique that makes their products the most advanced by far.


The founders and inventors of SunBrite got the idea after experiencing watching a Dodgers game inside the house while it was a beautiful day outside. They decided to design and build an Outdoor TV.  On November 2004, the very first* outdoor tv had its successful debut.


Founder Craig Sloan founded the company in 2010 after purchasing a Vizio Flat Screen TV mascaraed as an outdoor television. His goal was to build a product of the highest quality, at a price that people can afford.

*MirageVision and SunBrite claims that they are the first with an outdoor tv in the market.

And the winner is…SunBrite 

According to electronic experts, SunBrite has the best outdoor tv based on your needs.  Their products occupy the first three positions based on shade, partial sun, and full sun.

  • The SunBrite Veranda is the best for its value. It is an ideal outdoor tv with terraces or screened gazebos.  The model offers a 4k UHD screen with LED backlight giving a 30% brighter image than a regular lounge TV.  The aluminum case protects the unit from any weather implements, dust, salt, and insects.  It also has:
    • 20W integrated speakers with accessible audio ports for external audio system
    • 4 HDMI and 2USB ports
    • Built-in speakers and ports for external audio system
    • 42” and 55” available
  • The SunBrite Signature Series is perfect for patios, pool areas or decks. Contrary to the Veranda, the Signature has a commercial grade 4KUHD higher brightness of 700 NIT, direct LED backlight, and is waterproof.  Just like the Veranda, the Signature adapts to any season, withstanding temperatures between -24 °F to 104 °F.
  • SunBrite’s Pro Series is available in 32”, 42”, 49”, 55”, and 84”. The outdoor tv model resists so much more, including salt air, providing a clear, sharp image while under direct sunlight.  The anti-glare tempered glass shield is easy to remove, and the thermal airflow vents help the parts dry and cool.  This product is the most resistant of all, withstanding temperatures between -40°F and 122°F.

In Second Place…Cosmos

Cosmos’ outdoor televisions feature a 700 NIT 4Kpanel, with a non-glare, scratch-proof glass.  With two cooling fans, this product can resist temperatures between -40°F and 122°F. Their outdoor TVs operate at 24 volts, eliminating the risk of electrical short circuits and electrocutions.  The best part is that the units can be near or close to a swimming pool or spa, and it also has a 20’ insulated outdoor cable for better-secured installation.

Another feature of their outdoor TV’s is that it can connect to a Wi-Fi network and stream all your favorite streaming subscriptions from your patio.

Third Place…MirageVision

“The World’s Thinnest Outdoor LED TV” is a bold claim that MirageVision gives when it comes to their outdoor tv.  With a little help from Samsung, the company alters their 46” TV inside and out to resist variable weather conditions.  The MirageVision G operates between -25°F and 145°F in temperature.  It also has a TFT active matrix liquid crystal with an enhanced LED Backlight modulation.  One thing is for certain; if you are going eco-friendly, this may be the unit you are looking for; it is 40% more energy efficient than any regular tv.

Buying Advice

If you want the best in outdoor entertainment (apart from your oasis, the outdoor kitchen, and a killer terrace), you may expect your outdoor tv to have the same features as any LED TV.  We provided information of what the experts think are the best in the market. Alas, keep in mind that:

  • Outdoor televisions range from $1,000.00 to $6,000.00 or can even be more.
  • The cost of the unit will depend where you want to place your outdoor tv. Remember, some units are intended for terraces or gazebos, or out in the open.
  • When it comes to Outdoor TV’s, select one that is a recognized and trusted brand. The brands mentioned on this blog are popular in the industry.
  • While MirageVision retrofits regular brand name tv’s, others like SunBrite purposely build their units specifically for outdoor usage. Regardless, check the reviews of these brand names, and other Outdoor TV companies before you decide.
  • Remember that an audio system must also be weatherproof. Outdoor TV’s have integrated speakers, but keep in mind that nothing makes the experience more enjoyable than a good sound system.

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