Plants That Keep Bugs Out of Your Swimming Pool

Plants That Can Keep Bugs Away from Your Swimming Pool

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We know how much you love your outdoor family room.  There is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying your swimming pool and garden.  But, did you know that there are plants you can put in your garden to help keep the bugs away from your oasis?

This is a great time to plan your garden for when your swimming pool is ready.  You may already be considering some plants and flowers that you want to plant.  Here are some suggestions that may help your yard look elegant and, at the same time, protect you, your family, and the swimming pool, from bugs:

Plants That Help Keep Bugs Away



Originally from South Africa, the geranium is a plant known for its vivid colors.  It is also a flower that requires little to no care. There is a wide variety of geranium plants, but red geraniums help to keep bees away from the area. To help cut down on the number of mosquitoes in your yard, combine red geraniums with lemon-scented geraniums.



Lemon GrassLemongrass

Another highly effective natural insect repellent plant is lemongrass. You can plant them around the pool or in the garden, close to flowers that attract insects.  Like the lemon geranium, the citrus smell of this plant drives away wasps, bees, mosquitoes, etc.



Jasmine FlowerJasmine

A typical flower from tropical regions, jasmine is known for its ability to keep mosquitoes away. Surround your garden with as many jasmines to help to avoid mosquito bites, especially in the evening; In addition to the keeping mosquitoes away, jasmine will add a beautiful smell to your backyard oasis.



Flowers of Magnolia soulangiana


A favorite flower for its beauty and smell is also an excellent bee repellent.  Plant some close to the pool area and it will help keep the bugs away.




Known for its medicinal properties and used since ancient times as an effective repellent against moths, wormwood is a beneficial plant to keep insects away. Its presence serves to scare off bees and wasps, make sure take this into account when choosing what plants to have in your garden.



Fresh mintMint

A favorite therapeutic plant, and great for cooking, mint’s aroma helps keep flies and mosquitoes away.  Some studies suggest that it mint is more efficient than any commercial insecticide. Therefore, we should not miss the opportunity to plant mint near a restroom or outdoor shower area.



RosemaryBasil and Rosemary

Although they are spice plants, they also are potent repellents.  Just place them in strategic areas, and it will keep the bugs away.



Honorary Mentions

We need to point out other species that also serve to scare away mosquitoes, flies, and wasps:

Rue and Calendula

Calendula and Rue

These plants are very effective.  However, you must be careful with rue due to its toxicity.  If you have children, plant these in hanging pots to avoid any accidents.

When you combine these plants in your garden, along with consistent pool maintenance, we guarantee that you will have fewer bugs near your oasis.

It’s always good to ask questions on how you can prevent bugs from invading your backyard oasis.  Our staff at Platinum Pools are ready to advise you on anything pool- related.  Call us at 1.281.870.1600 (Houston), 1.409.898.4994 (Beaumont), or 1.361.576.0183 (Victoria) or visit our website for a free quote.