Pools With Lazy Rivers

Lazy Rivers – A Trend in Custom-Designed Pools

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Visit a resort like the Marriott Marquis in Houston, and you will see their lazy river feature.  Kids enjoy it, it attracts newlyweds and relaxes the rest of the guests.

Until recently, the lazy river was exclusively for resorts and water parks.  If you believe that the feature is not for your backyard swimming pool, then it’s time to reconsider the look of your oasis.  Imagine the feeling of floating on the water around an island and a bridge to complete the sensation of nature. Now, you can have one of your own!

The amount of custom-made pools increases considerably year after year.  With it comes many amenities like waterfalls with integrated slides, fountains, beach entries, etc.  Recently, the lazy river is taking a whole new meaning in the design of the perfect outdoor family room.

Let’s compare.  A standard regular swimming pool is nice and is a great addition to any backyard; but, when you add a lazy river, it will give you different sections of the pool to discover as the river meanders through your oasis.  That is the beauty of the water feature.

Many swimming pool designers are more than ready for the challenge of designing the perfect oasis.  Most of them can create a pool with a lazy river in a 30’ x 45’ or 20’ x 50’ plot. Usually, the standard measurements are six feet wide (minimum) and 3.5 feet deep.  But most important, is what you want.


We do believe that these are some of the questions you may have on your mind if you are considering building a lazy river with your pool:

  • Will I use the lazy river pool to float?
  • Can I use inner tubes or larger air mattresses?
  • Will my friends float on a single line?
  • Will I need a more extensive space, so flotation devices won’t constantly be bouncing off the walls?

When it is a new custom-pool, our designers can achieve the lazy river. Some additional features like a waterfall, a large planter, or a gazebo terrace and a bridge can complete the whole look.  It gives a feeling of separation since swimmers can go around to the outer sides just like a “river.”

Beach Entry

Another cool feature to add to the lazy river is a beach entry.  After all, you don’t want to jump in with the tube, do you?  Especially, if you have children, a beach entry is the most comfortable way to get into the lazy river without any complications.

And don’t forget, a bridge connects the decking with the center island, so long as it’s high enough for people to go under while floating on the lazy river.

Water Current

For a lazy river to work properly the thousands of gallons of water in the lazy river needs to travel at a speed of one to three miles per hour (mph).  A standard pool circulation will not do the current, you will need pumps installed in strategic areas of the river to ensure a fast-enough current to float around the river.

Finally, you can complete the look of your central island structure with plants, resort-style lounge chairs or a cabana.  This can add dimension and make a truly unique space.

Keep your eyes open for the second part of this blog that includes the filter system and hydraulics for your lazy river.

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