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Labor Day Pool Party!

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Labor Day marks the end of the summer season.  It is the last chance to have an outdoor party with family and friends.  If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, the chances are that you may be thinking of having a Labor Day party, right?  What are you waiting for?  Like in many of our blogs, we do emphasize that a well-planned out pool party represents success.

Labor Day Pool Party InviteLabor Day Pool Party Invitations

Prepare invitations geared to the occasion.  One website that provides excellent online invitations is depositphotos.  Just sign in, and you will find many different designs to choose from, and they are all royalty free.  Remember to give out details of items to bring, such as towels, inflatables, a bathing suit; you get the idea.



Labor Day Pool Party Decorations

Decorating is as easy as placing balloons with the “Happy Labor Day” on them or setting party themed inflatables in the pool.  What is important is that your whole oasis is clean and ready.   In case you plan an evening party, make sure that the LED lights in your pool are working correctly.  You can also place some torches around the pool to make your backyard more festive and welcoming.


You want your guests to be comfortable at all times, right?  Then ensure that you provide enough places for them to sit, including reclining chairs, hammocks, and tables to serve food and drinks on.  Make sure you can provide a safe space where your guest can place their belongings.


Labor Day Pool Party Food

Without a doubt, food plays an important role in any successful party.  In this case of having a Labor Day pool party, the best thing is to prepare a light and a simple menu. Prepare a buffet that includes cold appetizers, buns with hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. This is a straightforward and quick food idea to do, that is a success at any summer pool party.

What about dessert? There is nothing better than serving a good assortment of the fruits of the season. Prepare delicious fruit skewers and also provide other cold foods such as ice cream or gelatin for more variety.


The food should go along with cold drinks that keep your guests well hydrated. Prepare a few jugs of lemonade to quench thirst and other beverages such as fruit slushies, smoothies or refreshing cocktails. It is important to make sure that your guests have water available to avoid anyone getting dehydrated.Beverages For Labor Day Pool Party


Organizing games and activities inside the pool is a great way to make the event a delightful and fun experience. Playing wars with balloons or water pistols are ideal for entertaining and having a good time full of fun and laughter. You can also place a net in the center of the pool to play volleyball or prepare games with inflatable balls and floats.

urbancowboy pool float

If you have a large pool, the best idea you can have to surprise the little ones is to simply place large inflatables throughout the pool, and they will have a great time.

Remember, most of all; safety comes first.  It’s good to have a few life-saving jackets and a first aid kit on hand.  It is also important to have available phone numbers of the nearest hospital and EMT Services.