Laminar Jets

Laminar Jets – A Fun Pool Feature

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There are a wide selection of water features available, but it can be challenging to choose the right one, let alone decide which is best for your pool.  Everyone wants a beautiful oasis, but adding layered visual elements or dimensions to pools and spas can be even more difficult.  When it comes to swimming pools, the sound and sight of falling water create a calm atmosphere. 

Many homeowners prefer a simple pool design or need more yard room for complex pool shapes.  If this sounds familiar, we invite you to look at a fun water feature: the Laminar jet, which offers solutions to several dilemmas with other backyard water features

What is a Laminar Jet?

Originally invented in the United States, laminar jets, or laminar flow jets, are fountainhead nozzles that produce a continuous, transparent, arc-shaped stream of water.  The jets straighten turbulent water molecules to create a crystal-clear effect.

Laminar nozzles operate at low speeds and use technology that straightens the water stream.  This technology provides a classic “laminar” appearance.  Without laminar technology, it can produce choppy, rough flows reminiscent of a garden hose under pressure.

These pool jets typically comprise significant, synchronized water features at resorts, casinos, and theme parks.  In recent years, however, laminar nozzles have also found their way into backyards on a smaller scale.  The nozzles operate much more quietly than other features like waterfalls or fountains, offering the best of both worlds.

Fill Your Oasis with Laminar Jets

Bringing laminar jets’ fun and visual interest to your backyard pool or spa is easier than you might think. Backyard jets often rise about 7 to 8 feet into the air before landing on the surface of your pool or hot tub.  Forward projection is usually 7 to 8 feet.

Your pool designer can design the jets for these fountains to protrude from your pool deck or floor slab.  Some designers even choose to hide the nozzles.  Designers often integrate them into the surrounding landscape.  While installation may sound simple, hiring a pool professional you trust is important.  Improper installation can result in choppy or non-functioning jets.

Once installed correctly, laminar jets are almost invisible when flowing, allowing everyone to enjoy the effects anytime.

Add LED Lighting

In addition to water movement, a hallmark of these pool jets is that they provide homeowners with additional lighting elements for their gardens.  Laminar nozzles allow you to create colorful lighting designs to create a great ambiance and ensure your pool remains functional during nighttime.  The visual interest of your garden after the sun goes down largely depends on how well the area lights.

If you want something unique, you can opt for color-changing bulbs.  These create rods of neon colors that run the length of the pool.  They spread colored light that streams directly through the fountain jets and then spreads beautifully across the pool’s surface.  These displays integrate LED lighting into the jets to create illuminated, glass-like light streams.

This feature lets homeowners combine two outdoor design elements in one minimally invasive installation.  Set color-changing tables with a timer to create your backyard light show or choose white lights for a subtle and elegant effect using the included control panels.

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