Swimming Pool Building Permits Harris County

Pool Building Permits

In Construction Process by Platinum Pools

Building a swimming pool is a delicate procedure.  When a homeowner wants an oasis, there are many different phases of pool permits to go through.  These phases start with design through the finished product. Some factors that may increase completion time are rain/weather, building permits, HOA approvals, relocating utility lines, etc.

Suppose a homeowner wants a new pool for his/her home. If that is the case, then it is vital to learn the pool building permit requirements.  It is the first step before starting to build an oasis, and it cannot be overlooked or ignored.

Why is a Pool Building Permit Required?

No matter how a homeowner goes around this requirement, all in-ground swimming pools need a building permit. Before beginning construction in a backyard, the homeowner needs to go through the right channels to obtain the appropriate documents.     Your pool contractor will be able to get the necessary paperwork to ensure that all codes are met before, during, and after construction.

Each city and county have its own set of rules. For example, in Harris County, they enforce that a swimming pool structure does not block or interfere with any utility easement.  There must also be a mandatory minimum space between the swimming pool and any septic system.

The primary documentation for requesting a building permit includes:

  • the county’s residential application
  • a site plan
  • a pool plan detail, including BFE and elevation, if the building occurs in a hazardous flooding area.

Other documentation required may be:

  • Engineered Proximity Letter
  • Overhead Electric Line
  • Electric and Gas Blueprint
  • Utility Variance and Utility Easement
  • Light Location
  • VGB Compliant Drains
  • Self-Closing/Latching Gate
  • Door Alarms
  • Steel Schedule
  • Drainage
  • Electric and Gas Blueprint
  • Gas Riser Diagram

HOA Approvals

Many gated communities have a homeowner’s association (HOA). Any change in a residential property, such as a new garage, fence, driveway, or even a swimming pool, requires approval from the Board. HOA requirements vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, with some being stricter than others. The best bet is to submit a pool plan to the Board as early as possible to ensure the approval does not slow down a pool’s construction.

Pool Permits

Always ask your friendly swimming pool contractor of what documents are required to get the proper permits.  Our staff at Platinum Pools can help handle the permit process, collect all the required information, and send it to all needed cities or counties for approval.

It is our priority to build each customer a pool that they will enjoy, not just maintain. We make each swimming pool right the first time, with both safety and maintenance in mind. The bottom line is that we prioritize building a custom pool for each prospect that they will enjoy for years to come and with the proper permits.

So, who is ready to build a pool? Remember that Platinum Pools is ready to convert a backyard into the ultimate staycation. Call us at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote.