Pool Depth

Determining Your Pools Depth

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In recent times many homeowners decided to take their vacation budget to invest in their homes.  Two of the most popular additions are a home office and a swimming pool.  For those who became first-time pool owners, it is a dream come true. One important factor to remember when building a pool is the pool’s depth.

When it comes to building a pool, it is important to consider how deep you want it to be. Of course, the shape and size are also important, but the pool’s proper depth for what you will be using it for will allow you to enjoy your pool the way you want to use it.

Now, to decide how deep a pool will be, there are factors to consider.  The depth must be different if:

  • The oasis will be used only for swimming or diving.
  • Adults and children will use the pool.

The depth and functionality of an oasis will depend on all these factors.  If it is a pool that the family will use, it is necessary to establish a bottom and depth type that allows the entire family to enjoy some time in the water.  

Pool Design Construction and Requirements

Suppose a homeowner decides to have a pool in a backyard. It is a good idea to contact an experienced swimming pool designer to build a staycation and follow all building codes and HOA regulations.  It may surprise our readers, but the HOA plays a role when it comes to your backyard, especially when it comes to placing the deep end side of the pool in your backyard.

Deep End and Pool Entrances

The most popular depth designs are the classic one-end deep and the deep middle.  Consider the pool’s orientation and shape and its relation to the entry/exit of the backyard and patio areas. The classic deep end on one side is perfect for those who are active swimmers and love to exercise in the pool.  The deep middle-end allows for more overall activities for children like volleyball and other water sports.

Pool Depth Design

An in-ground pool gives way in designing and placing the deep end:

Flat Bottom

The flat bottom allows the same depth throughout the pool. It is ideal for use in children’s pools. The benefit of this type of oasis is that it enables the family to enjoy all sides of the pool and prevent people from grouping together in a single area.  The average depth of pools with this type of bottom is four or five feet, making it easy for an adult to touch the floor at all times.

Sloped Deep End

The bottom slope is the most popular.  It has a ramp-shaped incline, giving the feeling of being in the sea. The sloped bottom is an ascending one, starting at one depth and works its way down to a deep depth.

Spoon Deep End

This type of bottom has a deep end, similar to a pit.  It is perfect for when having a trampoline or a slide.  It helps prevent people from hitting or touching the deep end when they jump.

U-Shaped Deep End

This shape of the deep end is in the center of the swimming pool.  It is an excellent alternative to enjoy the water with your children but taking care that they do not move towards the center. 

In the end, it all goes with the design and the homeowner’s preference.  We encourage everyone who wants a pool to consult a professional and give options for a deep end. 

The effect on the pool floor and the deep end shape will determine the following accessories:

Either deep end pool design has pros and cons and is left up to the homeowner to select what works best.  Consulting with a pool professional is the first step.

The pool’s depth has many variations, and it is essential to take them into account when building one. So, who is ready to dive into the depths of the pool? Remember that Platinum Pools is ready to convert a backyard into the ultimate staycation.  Call us at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote.