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Looking for some fun summertime games to play in the swimming pool with your whole family? Try some of these!


A popular swimming pool game where one member of the team volunteers to be the ‘catcher’. The catcher swims to one side of the pool and stands with her back turned towards the rest of the players. The other players in the meantime choose a color each. When the catcher calls out a color, with her back still towards the rest of the team, the player with the color called out by the catcher has to swim across the pool to the other side as quietly as possible. The catcher listens as best as she can and tries to catch the “color” before reaching the other side of the pool!

Donut Float Race

This game is a race! Sit in your doughnut shaped float and see who can get across the swimming pool the fastest. This game can be a team relay and is best played in long pools.

Keep Away or Monkey in the Middle

This game is very simple and has probably been played in every swimming pool. This game is very simple. Two or more players work to keep a beach ball away from the person in the middle. The goal of the game is for the people on the outside to toss the ball back and forth without letting the person in the middle get it. When the person in the middle does catch the ball, he or she gets to leave the center and the person who threw it takes the place as the new middleman!


Find a plastic bottle and fill it with water from the swimming pool. Try to find a bottle with the same color cap as the tiles of your pool and make sure you have removed all stickers/siding so that it is clear. Divide into two teams and line each team up on either side of the pool with backs toward the pool. One of the players who stands out of the pool, throws the bottle in the water. On hearing the splash, the players turn around and try to retrieve the bottle. Make sure the winner gets a prize!