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Summer Fitness: 5 Pool Workouts to Stay in Shape and Stay Cool

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Working out during the summer months can be brutal. The Texas heat can sap your energy – and your motivation. Plus, triple digit temperatures can actually make it dangerous to work out. So, what is a fitness-minded person to do during the summer to stay in shape?

How About Taking Your Work Out to the Pool?

Working out in the pool helps keep you cooler and the water offers natural resistance, making each movement more effective. To help you stay on track to your fitness goals, we’ve combined some of the best pool workouts you can do right in your own pool!

1. The Wave Maker

You likely did this as a child to create waves in the pool, but it is also a great work out. Grasp the edge of the pool with your fingers, or rest your forearms on the ledge, then kick your legs under water, allowing your lower body to float horizontal. Kick for 1 minute, then rest. Build up your stamina until you can do four sets of two minutes. This exercise helps work out your core, legs, and glutes.

2. Swim Laps

Perhaps not the most exciting work out, but swimming laps is simple and effective. Whether you have a round pool or a rectangular pool, you can swim laps to get in your cardio. Start with ten laps, or whatever is challenging to you without being overwhelming. Aim to increase by five laps per week until you reach 50 laps. (You could also measure by time and work towards 30 minutes or an hour a day.) The best part about swimming laps is it is comparable to running but without the joint stress. This exercise will work out your core, arms, back, and legs.

3. Suspended Jumping Jack

Stand in waist deep water with your legs spread shoulder width apart, arms held at waist height above the water. Jump, pulling your legs toward center and your arms above your head. Return to the original position, without letting your legs touch down. Two variations: for an extra arm work out, hold your arms at hip level and do a traditional jumping jack. Or, for a lighter work out, move only your legs and hold your arms loosely bent at your waist. This exercise works out your legs and arms.

4. Treading Knee Tuck

Standing in water chest deep, begin treading water by using a light kick and horizontal arm movement to keep your head above water while your body remains upright. Remember, treading water should conserve energy, so keep movements minimal. Tread water for 10 seconds, then pull knees to your chest, grasping arms lightly around your knees. Release and continue treading water. This exercise works out you core.

5. Floating Kick

Using a pool noodle or small float to keep your upper body above water, use a kicking motion to propel yourself from one end of the pool to the other. Once you work out your legs, switch it up and use the float to keep your legs up and use only your arms to swim back and forth. This exercise works out your legs (or arms.)

Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Pool Workout:

  • Don’t exercise in water deeper than you can stand in, to allow you to rest if necessary.
  • Wear water shoes to increase traction
  • Drink plenty of water – you might not notice it, but you are still sweating

Working out in the pool is one of the best ways to stay in shape during the hot summer months. The best part is that working out in the pool can be fun – and hardly feels like working out at all! The cool water means you end your work out feeling invigorated and refreshed instead of drained and sweaty.