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How to Care for The Garden Around Your Swimming Pool

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Spring is almost here.  Texans are always proud of their landscaping, so it’s no surprise to see them enjoy getting the yard ready.  Regardless of whatever is left from the last season, your garden needs some tender loving care to ensure that your plants flourish, and you have everything under control.

Here are recommendations on what you can do now to get your yard ready for the season:

It’s Trim Time Trim Your Hedges and Bushes in Houston

Is vital that your bushes and perennials get a good trim. In the case of perennials, they can be cut all the way to the base.  Also, remove any weeds and give a light trim to trees and shrubs.  In that way, it will help remove any dead or damaged branches.


fix and rake your mulch bedding

Fix the Bedding

After a good trimming, rake and clean the garden beds. This helps remove any debris or any leaves over the wintertime.


Edging Edging the lawn

Edge all of your landscape beds. It will help make a distinction between the landscape and the lawn. This task will also prevent the turf from growing into the mulch. Finally, it adds definition and gives it a well-maintained look.

It’s All About the Mulch

adding more mulch

Mulch helps create a well-maintained look to your garden. Keep in mind that no more than three inches of mulch should be throughout the plants.  Along with edging, mulch will help create a defined and well-maintained look to your landscape.  No more than 3″ of mulch should exist throughout your plantings. If you already have existing mulch in place, you can top dress it with 1-2″ every spring.

Fertilize Plants Around Your PoolFertilize

Plants benefit from fresh compost and fertilizer. Apply it properly and see how fast you will have a beautiful garden. It also helps to resist Texas’ rising temperatures.

Rid your garden of pestsNo More Pests

Pests are the archenemies of any gardener. Beware of worms and caterpillars munching on your plants’ new leaves.  Spray the area immediately with a pesticide if you see any signs of critters on the plant’s foliage.  You can also create your own natural pesticide:

Oil Spray Insecticide

  1. Mix one spoon of liquid soap (preferably Castile liquid soap) and a cup of vegetable oil into a bottle. Shake it until the ingredients mix.
  2. When it’s time to use it, take the oil spray mix and combine with one quart of water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray directly on the surfaces of the plants affected by pests

We hope that these tips give you a head start in getting your yard ready for spring.  If you get it ready before the hot summer months arrive, your gardens will be beautiful just in time for summer! With the weather warming up and it now being spring pollen is in the air.

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