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Are You Ready for Spring?

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Texans don’t close their swimming pools in winter time, and that’s a fact.  But this last season was full of surprises (weather wise), so many pool owners opted for the warmth of the spa.  Now that spring is around the corner, it’s time to get your oasis ready.

The Garden Around Your Pool

Prepare the area around your swimming pool and pump. A good trim on hedges and branches, as well as pruning flowerbeds and bushes will do the trick.  Also, remove leaves, clippings and underbrush.

The same goes for the swimming pool pump area.  Make sure to trim any overgrown plants that are close to the equipment.

Swimming Pool Pump Repair in Houston

Check Your Swimming Pool Pump

Check recommendations on how to follow the proper way to prepare your swimming pool pump.  You can always call or write an email to Platinum Pools for any questions regarding the equipment.

Swimming Pool Pressure Cleaner

Cleaning the Pool

What is great about owning a Platinum Pool?  A Platinum Pool is designed with the client in mind.  Not only is a

Platinum Pool a custom-made design for your backyard, but is also constructed with the best materials in the business.  This means that it only takes 15 minutes for maintenance.  However, if you haven’t used your pool in a while, then remove any debris or leaves at the bottom of the pool, followed by your automatic vacuum.

Is also good to test the water to ensure that the chemicals are all balanced.  If not, then apply the amount necessary of any chemical required.  Is also good to have a pool opening kit based on the gallons of water in your pool.

Lastly, clean toys and equipment that will be in your pool.  Surprisingly enough, you can find a lot of dirt or dust in places like the ladder, diving board, hand rails, and inflatables.

Have Fun in Your Clean Swimming Pool in Houston

Fun in a Clean Swimming Pool

Finally!  One last task on your “to do list” have fun! So get ready to lounge around the pool, fire up the grill and start another season of everlasting memories. Now you are definitely ready for Spring, and Summer.

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