Pool Party Ideas for Adults

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Adult Swim! 10 Pool Party Ideas for Grown-Ups of All Ages

Can you feel the heat? It’s pool season in Texas! We all know that pools are major entertainment for the kids, but what about us adults? We work hard to pay for and maintain the backyard pool, we should definitely enjoy it! Here are a few pool party ideas for some grown-up time in the pool this Spring.

Find the perfect pool float and get comfortable

If you’re looking to spend some solo time in the pool, single pool floats are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any user, both large and small. The long and wide floats allow you to completely stretch out to soak up the sun. Some floats keep you completely above water, while others let you submerge your legs, arms, or abdomen, the choices are endless! Personal floats are made in different configurations and some have a built-in headrest – perfect for taking a nice nap. Pool loungers are floats with an inclined back which allows you to sit upright while reading a book or enjoying a drink – complete with an in-float cup holder.

If you feel like sharing your pool time, there are floats designed for couples, and even floats designed for whole families!

Follow These Pool Recipes and Stay Frosty

Of course, regardless of whether you’re 4 or 44, you’re going to develop quite an appetite after a long day in the summer sun. Beating the heat requires making sure that your body is taken proper care of, allowing for snacks and refreshments that both make party guests happy and well-fed. Check out these five recipes to impress and treat your happy pool goers:

By spending a small amount of time in the kitchen before the big party, the amount of effort spent during the pool hours can be better served being where the action is – your pool!

Four Pool Games Designed for Your Inner Child

Volleyball in the pool is a game that truly levels the playing field, especially when played with a beach ball to slow down the action. There are all different kinds of set ups available from various pool stores, and while we’ve covered pool games before, let’s take a look at four more designed to appeal to the child inside of us all.


In this classic pool game, one adult acts as the jailer and tries to tag anyone who crosses from one side of the pool to the other. The other players have a certain amount of time, 30 seconds for example, to get across the pool and get past the jailer without being tagged. Anyone who is caught joins as a jailer, and the game continues until there is only one swimmer left. You can also add rules that would allow you to become a swimmer again, like performing a feat of strength or getting a trivia question correct.

Chicken Fights

Perhaps one of the oldest pool games, chicken fights are just plain fun. Be sure that you’re being safe and keep away from the edge of the pool. Divide your players into teams of two, with one player sitting on the shoulders of their teammate with the objective of removing the player on shoulders or causing them to both fall in the water. Chicken fights can be played with two teams of two or a group of teams for a tournament. As with the rest of our adult games, they are supposed to be fun! No punching, biting or eye-poking allowed, and the person on the bottom cannot touch the other teams’ players.

Pool Noodle Joust

For this pool party idea Two players ride on an inflatable raft or mattress, while holding a pool noodle. In the middle of the pool, use the noodle to “joust” with your opponent and try to knock the other swimmer off their raft. Whoever wins can stay on the raft and go on to try to defeat the next swimmer. To keep this game as safe as possible, it’s important to keep the raft away from the edges of the pool.

Floating Golf Greens

Both beginners and pros can have a blast with this one. Floating putting greens are widely available and can also be great practice for real golf! Simply stand at the edge of the pool and use a club to chip away at your target. Depending on your skill level you can have the green close to the edge or floating way out in the deep end. If you are playing with friends, feel free to keep score and have a fun and friendly competition to see who can sink the ball with the fewest shots, you can even make the loser dive for the errant balls.

Get inspired to make this summer the best one yet! The only limit to your possibilities involve the limits of your imagination when you’ve got a swimming pool running in top shape.