Swim Lessons Can Benefit the Whole Family

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The warm weather of Spring has arrived in Houston, but before you and your family run and jump in the pool, we have a a few tips about safety. We all remember taking swimming lessons as a child, and while learning early is important, the lifelong benefits of swimming lessons should be considered every time you and your family are around a pool. Swimming lessons can benefit anyone, at any stage. You may have just installed a pool and are concerned about a toddler or young child getting just a little too curious about the deep end or you may want to learn better swimming technique.  Anyone can take swimming lessons! When it comes to pool ownership, there’s nothing more important than the safety of your loved ones. Make it a family affair, and grow stronger together.  Here are a few benefits and different types of swimming lessons.

For Your Children to Learn Water Safety

Whether 5 or 15, all kids are vulnerable and susceptible to injury around water, but that risk is dramatically reduced when they have taken swimming lessons. As he/she starts learning how to paddle, swim independently, use pool toys safely and dive into the deep end, they will gain the necessary confidence and skills to enjoy the pool responsibly. Swimming lessons also mean that they will enjoy swimming more and hopefully use the pool you invested in to stay fit and active. Swimming lessons will give you peace of mind that your loved ones will enjoy their time in the pool safely and without incident.

Physical Therapy

One of the biggest obstacles to staying fit is injury, but having a pool means you have a great tool to not only start recovery, but also for continuing exercise. Whether you sustain a shoulder, back or knee injury while working out or on the job, the recovery time can be weeks, or months. Once you’re up and moving again (but your body isn’t quite ready to get back to rigorous runs or cycling) consider aquatic physical therapy the best way to recover your strength and range of motion.

With a backyard pool, you have the opportunity to engage a physical therapist to come to you! You will be able to learn the best exercises for recuperation conveniently and safely. Physical therapy-based swimming lessons will allow you to alleviate sore muscles, reduce stress, help you get your confidence back, and keep you on track for recovery.

Strength training

Another type of swimming lessons is resistance exercise through the different strokes – like back, breast, or butterfly. Again, you can arrange for instructor to come to your backyard and act as a personal trainer or head to your local pool for group lessons.  Swimming is a powerful method for increasing strength from head to toe because water is over ten times as dense as air and thus provides more resistance. Swimming is also low-impact and easier on your joints and bones, which becomes more important as you age. You’re strengthening your shoulder, arm, glutes, core and leg muscles with each stroke!

Whether it’s you or your children that take swimming lessons, you will reap the benefits throughout the life of your pool and encourage more time on your investment!