Swimming Pool Steps

Pool Steps – An Essential Part of the Oasis

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Swimming is one of the most recommended aerobic activities for adults since there is less impact on the joints while in the water. Diving into a swimming pool is great especially during the hottest days of summer.  It allows doing exercise and having fun. Exercise and fun are perfect together; perfect, except when entering or exiting a pool. The reality is that narrow, vertical ladders can be gruesome for older adults since they are not as agile as they were 20 years ago. Pool steps make it that much easier.

Pool Steps In Your Pool Design

A pool designer can do various styles that fit the shape of the pool.  However, it must include essential elements that guarantee safe access. The three keys to making entry steps comfortable are proper width, using an anti-slip finish on the stairs, and considering including handrails on your steps if anyone struggles with them while using the pool.  It is these three keys to making the staircase comfortable and giving you the stability needed to go in or out of the water.

Swimming pool steps are a much better entry/exit option for a pool compared to ladders.   For one, they do not have to enter a swimming pool backward like when they do with a ladder.   The steps must be wide enough for the foot to tread safely, and of course, they must be non-slip. Pool stairs also provide a safer area for the kids.  If including a railing on your stairs make sure the handrail is a suitable height to hold anyone who enters the pool without any difficulty.

The steps are one of the leading design elements of the pool.  It affirms the personality of the oasis by its practicality and decorative traits.  It is of primary practice that they go on the shallow end of the oasis.  It can be a safe way to enter but also a work of art.  But safety comes first. 

Popular Designs

When combining safety and aesthetics, three popular styles of steps for entering the pool comes to mind.  The most used swimming pools are corner, rectangular, and Roman. 

  • Corner Steps: this type of pool stairs is easy to build, comfortable, and takes up little space. As implied in the name, it is in the corners of traditional rectangular pools and has about four steps that allow you to reach the pool’s bottom.
  • Rectangular Steps: these rectangle or square-built steps extend from one side of the pool to another.  Like the other styles, it is gaining popularity due to its stylish, modern look.   Contrary to others, rectangle steps give extra areas for sitting or relaxing. 
  • Roman Steps: are a trendy style for anyone who wants a swimming pool.  There are many ways to place this type of stairs.  It can be a double Roman pool step, consisting of a semicircle divided in two by a handrail in the middle and installed on its sides.

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