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It’s Armed Forces Day – Pool Therapy Healing

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This Saturday, May 19, you may see a parade in your hometown composed of army jeeps, tanks, marines marching displaying their rifles, and the celebration of patriot colors. This day is Armed Forces Day in the United States.

As a small contribution to this day, Platinum Pools is advising those who served in times of war and peace on how a swimming pool can help them in physical therapy.  But first, a bit of history and the origins of the third Saturday of May.

The Story of Armed Forces Day

Louis Johnson, former Secretary of Defense, created Armed Forces Day with the purpose to unify all branches of the US military and to eliminate separate army, navy and air force days.  Only the Marine Corps continues to honor their office on their day, but they are also part of the Armed Forces Day celebrations.

The first observation of Armed Forces Day took place on Saturday, May 20, 1950. The unification of all military branches was expressed under the theme “Teamed for Defense.”  Armed Forces Day is designed to educate the public of the job and the role of the military in civilian life.

Since then, other countries around the world are now celebrating Armed Forces Day throughout the year.

On the 68th celebration, Armed Forces Day continues as a day of air shows, parades, and open houses to honor Americans who give their lives to defend the country.

The Swimming Pool and Therapy for Veterans


Since the opening of Platinum Pools in 1998, we commit every day to help Americans make their dreams come true by building custom-made swimming pools.  In addition to helping make peoples dreams come true, we also commit to serving the community in as many ways possible.

Not so long ago, we built a custom-made oasis for a veteran, and he couldn’t have been happier with the results.  It gives us a sense of pride, and our way to give back to the community.  Therefore, it is essential to inform our veterans and their relatives about the advantages of a swimming pool, and how it is beneficial for their recovery via pool therapy.

What is Pool Therapy?

Pool therapy is a method that helps the mind and body.  For almost three decades, the pool converted, for many physical therapists, as the best way to help people to gain movement in their extremities.

How Does Pool Therapy Work?

When it comes to pool therapy, water becomes the essence of providing resistance.  In other words, it helps train the muscles to grow stronger.  Contrary to traditional exercises like running, dancing, and boxing, water gives a much better workout without injuring other parts of the body.  Those who sustained war injuries will find pool therapy to be a great option for physical recovery.

What are Buoyancy and Hydrostatic?  How do They Combine?

Pool therapy is an excellent way for Veterans to recover from injuries and pain.  The water combines buoyancy and hydrostatic that helps reduce pain.  Buoyancy is an anti-gravity effect of water while hydrostatic is pressure from the water.

How do Buoyancy and Hydrostatic Work?

The combination of buoyancy and hydrostatic not only distributes pressure on all parts of the body, but it also helps to increase the person’s motion and flexibility as well as alleviating pain.  With this combination, the patient can increase strength in the water until he or she is ready for more exercises on land.

Mental Healing

For Veterans who witnessed casualties of war, psychological healing plays a vital role in their full recovery.  It is proven that the sound of water causes the brain to release dopamine, helping the patient to experience a calm, happy sensation.   Also, pool therapy helps reduce stress levels.  A person has more success in acquiring the proper amount of quality sleep when they have reduced stress levels.

We hope this will help a Veteran find the help they need and initiate the road to recovery.  Remember to consult with a physician before taking any medication or receiving any physical treatment.

At Platinum Pools, we strive to bring fun and good memories to your family.  Call us at 1-281-870-1600 (Houston), 1-409-898-4994(Beaumont), or 1-361-576-0183 (Victoria) or visit our website for a free quote for the custom-made pool of your dreams.

From all of us at Platinum Pools, we salute the Veterans and Active Members, and Happy Armed Forces Day!