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Swimming Pool Tile – Know Your Options

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Your swimming pool can be a luxurious and comfortable retreat in your backyard!  For some, the design of the pool reflects their favorite place.  It can evoke a tropical paradise like the Caribbean, the waters of the Mediterranean, or the neutral colors of a Tuscan villa.

As one of the most esthetically pleasing aspects of a home, a beautifully designed pool is more than an extension of a home’s architecture, but a great magnet that draws attention to your backyard!

One of the first design elements that draw the eye to a swimming pool is the tiles!  However, choosing the perfect tiles for your style and needs can be intimidating.  Even after setting your budget and selecting your preferred type, you still have many decisions to make.  What materials can you use for pool tiles?  What are the most popular sizes?  What about the latest color trends?

To help you design your dream pool, we have listed what we think are the most important aspects to consider when buying pool tiles.  Let us dive in!

Glass Tiles

In recent years, the popularity of glass tiles for swimming pools has continued to grow.  Glass tiles are typically the most expensive option.  There is a good reason for using glass to create the most durable and non-porous pool tiles.  Glass tiles are an excellent match for the transparent nature of water.

Glass tiles come in a small mosaic format.  Small sizes are idyllic to cover curved surfaces.  By mixing different colors of glass tiles, it can create a custom color scheme or create a work of art.  The quality of glass tiles can vary.  Using glass tiles, you can achieve reflections that can be brilliant underwater.  Some other glass tiles have an iridescent coating that shimmers as the light changes and water flows over the surface.

On the other hand, the artistic look of a finished installation with a high-quality glass tile is more significant and dynamic.  It has a better visual quality.  The shine, color, and depth are more interesting than the look of small mosaic styles.  In fully tiled pools and spas, the overall effect of the glass is mesmerizing, and as waterline borders and step markers, the internal reflections offer a gem-like shine.

Stone Tiles

If you want a classic or Mediterranean-style oasis, stone tiles offer a natural look and sense of texture on a patio or deck.  Stone tile design elements include slabs of stone, travertine, slate, sandstone, bluestone, and semi-polished granite tiles that offer a peppery look.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

For decades, ceramic and porcelain tiles have been a staple of pool equipment.  Unlike glass tiles, they are hand-painted with exciting designs or are also available as mosaics.  Nowadays, you can find ceramic and porcelain tiles in a textured version that blend well with the surroundings.  There are also textured glazed porcelain tiles that are bolder and more exciting, adding a special touch to any pool.

It’s interesting how some designers prefer to mix glass, stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles.  Tile can create a beautiful and unified design with the right balance of color, texture, size, and detail.

Tile Size Matters

Always pay attention to the size and proportions of the tiles you choose for your swimming pool.  It is common knowledge that large glass tiles can break due to temperature shock, and it often happens when you use larger tiles along the pool’s waterline.  Large format glass tiles are also a big no-no for swimming pools.  Large-format tiles are less stable in the middle, and if installed to a low standard, they tend to crack.  Do your homework and ask your pool designer which tile option is best for your pool.

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