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Swimming Pool Tile – Know Your Options

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When the time comes to choose the tile for your swimming pool, it can get a bit crazy.  With tons of different pool tile options ranging from porcelain to glass. All different types of pool tile look great. But, which tile option is the best one for you and your pool? This will come down to your personal preference and the overall design of your outdoor oasis.

Negative-edge pools, spa spillways, tanning ledges and complex water features, are parts of pool designs that serve as inspiration for a stunning tile. The most commonly used types of tile in swimming pools include glass, natural stone, ceramic and porcelain.

Glass Pool Tile on Tanning Ledge

Glass Tile

In recent years, the popularity of glass tile on swimming pools has continued to rise.  Glass tile is the most expensive tile option, and that’s for a good reason; since it is made from recycled glass materials, it’s the most durable and non-porous of all pool tiles.   Glass tiles go great with the transparent nature of water. 

Glass tiles come in a small – mosaic tile format.  It has the advantage of being able to cover curved surfaces completely.  Pool designers can also mix different colors of glass tile, creating a customized color scheme and thus, form an artwork.  Quality of glass tile ranges from low to high, and like most things in life you get what you pay for. With lower quality glass tile, you still get reflections that can be brilliant underwater.  Some other glass tiles have an iridescent coating that shimmers with the change of light and water flowing over the surface.

On the other hand, the artistic look and feel of a finished installation are more significant and dynamic with an upscale glass tile.  It has a better optical quality, and its shine, color, and depth are more exciting than the look of small mosaic designs. In all-tiled pools and spas, the overall effect of glass is mesmerizing, and as waterline borders and step-markers, the internal reflections offer a gem-like luster.

Glass Pool Tile

Stone Tile

If you are looking to have a Classical or Mediterranean style oasis, a stone tile will give you just that; a natural look and textured feel that goes perfectly on a patio or deck.  When combined with coping, the appearance is more unison.  Stone tile design elements include flagstone, travertine, slate, sandstone, bluestone, and semi-polished granite tile that displays a pepper tone look. 

pool with stone tile

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been staples of pool finishing for decades.  Contrary to glass tiles, these are hand-painted with exciting designs, or they are also available in a mosaic mode.   Nowadays, you can find ceramic and porcelain tile in a textured version that goes well with the surrounding landscape.  Also, there is a textured-glazed porcelain tile that is bolder and more exciting, giving a punch to any swimming pool border.

It’s interesting how some designers prefer to mix glass, stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles. With the right balance of color, texture, scale, and detail, tile can create a beautiful and continuous design.

Ceramic Mosaic Pool Tile

Size Matters

Always keep in mind the size and ratios of any tile that you select for your swimming pool.   It is a common knowledge that large glass tiles may crack due to thermal shock.  This happens quite often when larger tiles are used along the pool’s waterline.  A large format glass tile is also a big no-no for swimming pools.  Large tile formats are less stable at the center and are prone to crack, especially during a low-standard installation. We highly recommend that you do your homework and ask your designer which pool tile option is the best for your swimming pool.

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