Why Timers and Pool Automation Systems are Important?

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Your swimming pool is the ultimate recreational space at home; and like everything, it requires maintenance to keep it in optimal condition.  A timer is an idyllic device to run your filter system at set times each day.  Not only it will help automate the filtering process, but it will also provide you additional time to relax and do other things at home.

All swimming pool owners know that the process of water cleaning, conservation and treatment requires maintenance so that precious liquid remains in excellent conditions for its use.  Since we all have our time compromised, it is difficult to have 6 to 8 hours to handle the filtering process for your swimming pool, regardless of the size of the oasis.  Therefore, there are two alternatives: hiring a specialized pool maintenance company to do the job or installing a timer to run your filter or booster at specific times each day to help keep your pool clean.  In addition to having set times to run different pumps on your pools system, you can also set different features such as lights, spa jets, water features, and any other features to turn on and off at specific times each day.

At Platinum Pools, we highly recommend these types of Intermatic time clocks that we offer:

Intermatic Time ClockIntermatic Single Pool/Spa Timer

The heavy-duty mechanical time switch provides up to 12 ON-OFF operations each day with a minimum ON-OFF time of 1 hour. All models are equipped with ON” and OFF” trippers and they are available in either plastic or metal indoor/outdoor enclosure.  The timer includes an all-weather enclosure with one heavy duty timer mechanism.


Intermatic Dual Timer

Intermatic Dual Pool/Spa Timer

As well as the single time, this heavy-duty mechanical time switches also provides up to 12 ON-OFF operations each day with a minimum ON-OFF time of 1 hour. Equipped with ON” and “OFF” trippers and a metal indoor-outdoor enclosure with two heavy duty timer mechanisms.


Intermatic electric timerIntermatic Electronic Time Switches

This model provides a dependable and simple performance, plus, it gives an up-to-the-minute programming for accurate load control and reduced energy costs. The timer has automatic daylight-savings time, on/off adjustment, non-volatile eeprom memory protects programming indefinitely; temporary override or permanent manual override available via control buttons, v-resistant plastic clear cover, and much more.

These timers are economical and very efficient.

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Pool Automation Systems

If you are looking to have more control of your oasis while you’re away, an iAquaLink automation system will help you to program the filtering process and everything in your swimming pool from your cell phone.  iAquaLink provides an app for your smartphone or tablet, where you can control everything in your pool system, even if you have a hectic schedule.

Here are a few examples of the advantages of having an iAquaLink:

  • You can control your swimming pool anywhere in the world.
  • The app is the most user-friendly mobile pool controller ever.
  • You can use the iAquaLink by itself or combine it with a complete line of wall-mounted or wireless AquaLink®
  • Create user accounts and use the app in minutes.
  • The app service is 100% free of charge.
  • Control multiple pools from a single app.
  • You can control the temperature of your swimming pool.
  • Have the pool or spa ready to use as soon as you get home.

Pool Automation Systems and Intermatic Timers


Imagine, with your iAquaLink app, you can control your oasis from anywhere in the world.  Some of the features include:

  • Pool, spa, and solar valves
  • Pool temperature
  • Spa temperature
  • Waterfalls
  • Spillovers
  • Laminar jets
  • Light dimmers
  • Pool cleaner
  • Color and white lights
  • Landscape lights
  • Filter pump
  • Booster pump

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Keeping your pool clean and well managed will help alleviate larger issues and repair costs that could arise further down the road. If you are looking for a manual or digital timer, or pool automation system, our staff is ready to assist you.  Call us at 281.870.1600 (Houston), 409.898.4995 (Beaumont), or 361.576.0183 (Victoria). Remember, Platinum Pools will prove the difference in the quality of our pools.