Calculating The Amount Of Water In Your Pool

Pool Volume and Water Flow Meters

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Nothing is better than knowing exactly how much water a pool contains, including the plumbing. 

The Importance of Knowing the Pool Volume

How can you accurately dispense chemicals if you do not know the volume of water in your pool?  One of the most common bad habits in the pool industry is not knowing how to measure the volume of the pool.  It’s easy to misestimate by more than a thousand gallons.  An average backyard pool can be off by between 10-20%.  Think of how serious a 20% estimate vs actual is and how it can add up.

How to Measure Pool Volume

An expert can measure the pool’s dimensions.  Use the dimensions and average depth and multiply the cubic feet of water by 7.48 to get an approximate number of gallons.  When using the metric system, one cubic meter contains 1000 liters of water.

That’s easy if it is a rectangular pool.  However, what if it is a kidney-shaped, elliptical, or oval pool?  Luckily, there are various apps and calculators you can use to help you.  The goal is to find the cubic area and convert that area to gallons or liters.

Using a Pool Volume Estimator

Once you have measured the dimensions, you can enter those values into a pool volume estimator calculator or app.  The Orenda volume estimator is a popular app that provides a quick estimate.  However, it may not be accurate because it does not consider all areas, such as stairs, sunbeds, and grottos.  Remember that the app can give you an estimate, but it has limitations.  It may not cover a tanning shelf, pool bench, or stairs.  However, the app may need a shape that fits your pool.  Move the knobs or tap a number to specify a size.  Remember that this is only an estimate.

Use a Water Meter to Fill the Pool

The most accurate and reliable way to measure the volume of your pool is to fill it with a water flow meter.  If you don’t know the volume of your pool and you have renovated/ or had to drain and refill your pool, you should use a water meter on each hose that fills the pool.  If you are filling the pool using water trucks, use the meters on the hose that provides the initial water cushion and then add the total volume of each truck.

New Construction Pool Plans

Every pool that we build has a 3D rendering and plan that includes all your pool’s dimensions including the number of gallons of water that your pool holds. Make sure you save a copy of your pool plan if you ever need to refer to it. This plan will come in handy to help maintain your pool as well as if you ever sell your home in the future.

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