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Reasons to Celebrate by the Pool During the Winter

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Now that you have an oasis in your backyard, what better way to enjoy it than hosting a Winter pool party for your friends and family to celebrate the season? With some planning, preparation, and a group of loved ones ready to unwind and have fun, your pool area can be the perfect backdrop for a Christmas pool party that will be discussed for years to come.

The Season Has Many Reasons to Party

Winter is a time marked by celebrations across many cultures and religions.  The period around the Winter Solstice is particularly significant as it is associated with various religious rituals and observances.  The season’s celebrations also offer a chance to connect with loved ones, signifying the end of a bountiful fall harvest and the onset of a new year.

Although modern winter pool parties may not carry the same somber connotations as they did in the past, they still present an opportunity to uphold tradition, express care for our loved ones, and gather our friends before a slew of school, office, family, and community parties fill up our schedules. Given the multitude of reasons to come together and have fun, your first task is to determine the purpose of your party.

  • Christmas Pool Parties – The most common winter celebration in the United States is the observation of Christmas.  People celebrate this holiday sharing a similar sense of joy and togetherness.
  • New Year’s Eve – People from all over the world celebrate the completion of another year with parties that begin in one year and end in the next. This tradition, which involves hundreds of millions of people in the USA and around the globe, marks the end of one trip around the sun and the beginning of another.
  • Winter Solstice – Many cultures and indigenous peoples celebrate solstice parties to mark the longest night of the year with fun and togetherness, often with a secular and science-based Winter pool party.
  • Kwanza Parties – One of the fastest-growing celebrations in America, this celebration of the community and family traditions of the African diaspora is a chance to strengthen bonds and acknowledge a shared history.
  • So Many More – Although these are common Winter pool party reasons, many more celebrations are observed during the coldest part of the year.

Elves or Reindeer?

Consider having elf and reindeer decorations for a Christmas pool party or ask your guests to wear their favorite ugly Christmas sweaters, pins, swimsuits, or towels. However, regardless of your chosen theme, it is essential to prioritize pool party safety. Remember that most themes are typically meant for the areas outside the swimming pool, not for pool use.

The Pool: Swimming or Backdrop?

It’s important to consider whether pool usage is safe or desired for your party.  Hosting a winter pool party without using the pool is possible.  Your pool area can offer a beautiful sight to entertain guests in the cool, crisp air, with ample seating, existing decorations, and amenities designed for outdoor entertaining.  If the temperature is too cold for swimming or if you have closed your pool for the winter, be sure to let your guests know.  Nothing is more disappointing than showing up in a swimsuit for a winter pool party that doesn’t involve swimming.

You may use your pool throughout the year if you have a heated pool or live in a region with a warm climate. However, it is essential to take additional safety measures during pool parties.  Ensure you have a place to warm up for swimmers who may feel cold due to the wind or cold water.  Cold water can quickly drain the energy of swimmers, particularly seniors and children, so it is essential to plan for regular breaks for refreshments.

Winter Pool Party Refreshments

Choose refreshments that provide plenty of hydration and quick energy without weighing down swimmers. Vegetables, fresh fruits, and the classic fall/winter grill fare, such as burgers and brats, are all excellent options. Ensure that food is away from the pool area so swimmers can take a break, warm up, and rest.  Also, have plenty of water available. For those who prefer warmer drinks, hot cider, teas, and coffee can help raise internal temperatures quickly.

If the pool is not in use, you can opt for heavier holiday-party foods.  Add extra sauce to the barbecue, bring out the fondue pot, and include nachos in your menu.  For sweet tooth lovers, popcorn ball snowmen, brownies, and Christmas cookies are always a hit.

Organize Your Party “Elves”

Hosting a party can be overwhelming, but you do not have to do it alone. Just like Santa has his little helpers, you can use some help, too.  Coordinate and ask your guests to bring something for a potluck feast.  Having a designated water watcher is also important, and you can ask someone to fill that role.   Feel free to ask for help with setting up and cleaning up.  Many hosts choose to go it alone or with only help from their partner or spouse, but making the party a participatory experience for everyone can make it more enjoyable and less stressful.

Remember – Safety Comes First

When the pool is open, ensure adult supervision is always present and monitor the action.  Safety barriers and pool covers are also handy when the pool is not in use.  

From our Platinum Pool’s family to yours, Happy Holidays!