Why Your Swimming Pool Is the Ultimate Summer Staycation

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Here are 3 interesting facts about Texas:

  • Texas is the second warmest US state  during the summer months.
  • Texas has the second most residential swimming pools per capita
  • Texas is also the hardest working state  given that 5 of its cities (Arlington, Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas and Houston) appear in the list of top 10 hardest-working US cities.

Put all these together and what do you get? Lots of homes with swimming pools and a lot of people looking for a way to cool off from both work and the searing heat. Happily, Texans understand this and have the solution – their own backyard pools. A ultimate summer staycation.

hard work and heat means you should get a swimming pool

Residential Pools – a Smart Summer Staycation for Texans

When family’s are short on time and trying to save money or just beat the Texas heat, having your own pool makes staying at home an easy, affordable, and cool option.

Swimming Pools as a Staycation Choice

Cool blue water, clear sunny skies, and great company are what many families want in a vacation and, in some instances, shell out a fortune for. For many Texans, they only have to go as far as their own backyard to have a great vacation.

Spending a few days by the pool is a guaranteed, convenient enjoyment – all you need is just steps away. It’s not making the best of the situation. It is the best situation!

Sure, there are very real benefits to a staycation – no travelling and accommodation costs, no waiting at airports, no kids in the backseat asking “Are we there yet?”

The staycation vs vacation debate doesn’t need to be either/or. But, if you’ve got a swimming pool at home make sure you get the best out of it! And, just in case you didn’t know already, be aware that you have the ultimate staycation on your own doorstep!

Creating the Perfect Staycation in Your Own Backyard

Pools are the Ultimate Staycation

The thing with swimming pools is that they are fun. People like to swim. People enjoy being outside. People like sunbathing. People like good food. People like to be among friends they might not get to see during the week. The pool is the perfect setting

Here are some ideas and tips to enhance the swimming pool as the ultimate staycation experience:

Invite Friends and Family Over 

The great thing about a staycation is that it’s so close you can invite your nearest and dearest to join you.   If your friends or family also own pools then you can share hosting duties over the long Texan summer. Visiting another’s home isn’t technically a staycation for you, but joining another person’s staycation can be just as fun as having your own.

Bring on the Food 

Because you have complete control over the catering, you can eat what you want until your stomach can take no more.

A lot of people love cooking and consider themselves pretty good chefs, but cooking is also something the whole family can participate in and enjoy the results!

We’ve pulled together a few simple recipes to get you started

And of course, you can always combine a day at the pool with another great American pastime – the BBQ. Now you just need to decide what to throw on the grill.

Romantic Staycation 

The pool is also an incredibly versatile setting. Where else can you throw a kids’ party and a romantic break for two?

If it’s just the two of you, decorate the pool area with some flowers (roses are a good choice!), light some candles, enjoy a romantic meal and laze around.

Themed Pool Staycation 

Grab an eye-patch, a bandana, say “arrr” and entertain others as the dreaded Blackbeard in a pirate-themed party. Or, throw on a colorful shirt, a Hula skirt and go all Hawaiian. Alternatively, use some neon lights, set aside an area for blackjack and poker and have a Vegas-themed pool staycation.

If in Doubt…

Still unsure what to do by the pool during a staycation? Simple – just do as you would do on a vacation!

Safety, Safety, Safety

While everyone is having fun at the pool, you also want to make sure you provide a safe pool environment at all times. Check out our pool safety tips for children.