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The Future of Swimming Pool Automated Apps

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It’s great to have a pool to relax, exercise and have fun with family and friends.  With today’s technology, you can now control your pool via apps conveniently located on your smartphone.  Imagine turning your pools fountains on or off, programming the filter and water pump, turning LED lights to go on at night all from your mobile phone.  Mobile apps can help you carry out tasks to keep your pool working correctly.

Since the arrival of Alexa and Echo in 2014, and Google Assistant in 2016, many pool equipment companies decided to expand toward these VA’s (virtual assistants), giving the convenience of voice control to control your pool’s automation.

Before we look at how virtual assistants have come to the pool automation scene, let’s look at some of the top swimming pool smartphone apps that continue today:

iAqualink Pool App


Control your swimming pool with the app that controls every element in your oasis, anytime, anywhere, even when traveling.  This app is easy to use:

  • Ask your pool professional to install the iAquaLink Web-Connect device in your AquaLink pool automation system and configure it for a wired or Wi-Fi connection. Your pool professional can help determine what items are needed for the application.
  • Download the application to your smart device with an Internet connection.
  • Create a free account through the app or at
  • Add devices to your account through the application or owner center at

For the app to work correctly, it requires a Zodiac iAquaLink Web-Connect device installed in an AquaLink pool automation system, connected to the internet. Without it, the equipment will not work.

This app is available for both Android and IOS operating systems.

Pool Doctor

This app is for pool professionals and enthusiast.  All you need to do is enter the information you gather using a pool water test kit.  Then, Pool Doctor indicates which chemicals to add and explains the reason for why you need to each chemical.  Another great feature of Pool Doctor is that the app supports both regular, bromine and saltwater pools.

pool dose chem calculator app

Pool Acid Dose Calculator

This app helps you to calculate the precise amount of acid necessary to lower pH and alkalinity of your pool to help you have the perfect water chemistry.  No matter the size of your swimming pool or spa, Pool Acid Dose Calculator will give you an alkalinity reading.  The Pool Acid Dose Calculator provides readings in multiple units based on your preference (kilograms, grams, liters, milliliters, pound, ounces, quarts, and fluid ounces).

Pool Chem Dose Calculator

When it comes to the size of a pool, you can use both imperial or metric measurements, the Pool Chem Dose Calculator calculates the precise dosage needed for 38 chemicals.  Just enter the pool volume and select the applicable changes based on a drop-down menu and the units required.

LSI Pool Calculator APPNPC/LSI Calculator

If you don’t want corrosive water in your pool or spa, then this app is for you.  This app helps determine the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) with cyanuric acid and borate adjustments based on mathematical equations.  Just enter the results for water temperature, total dissolved solids, calcium hardness, borate, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity, and pH.

NPC/LSI Calculator apps are available for IOS and Android.

Pool App VA's

Virtual Assistants on the Rise

According to some experts, half of the homeowners in the United States will, or now are, using virtual assistants (a.k.a. Voice Assistant Device).  Although the competition between Google Assistant and Amazon Echo continues to increase, virtual assistants are just coming on to the scene in the pool automation industry.

With virtual assistant automation systems, you can control various parts of your pool’s system using simple voice commands. By using your voice, you can turn your pool lights on off, set your desired water temperature, and control your spa and other water features.

So, get ready for more automation.  It is the future, and the future is NOW!