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Swimming Pool Building in The Woodlands – Learn the Facts

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The Woodlands is a 28,000-acre town with a variety of stores, restaurants, entertainment and luxury homes.  Located within thirty minutes from Central Houston, it is a township that feels like a home away from home.  Since its foundation in 1974, The Woodlands is known by an extensive forestall area.  It is no wonder why the residents take pride in preserving trees for their shade and beauty.

Like all towns in Houston, The Woodlands also have building codes when it comes to renovation, adding a room or, in our case building a swimming pool.  Let’s look at some of these requirements:

Engineered Proximity Letter

The certificate is for excavations less than five feet away from the foundation of a building or structure. The EPL document indicates if the project is in good standing.  

Overhead Electric Line

Ensure that power lines are over 22.5 feet high from the water’s edge (recommended by the National Electrical Code).    

Electric and Gas Blueprint

A layout of all wiring and gas connections, as well as other essential elements, is required for approval.         

Utility Variance and Utility Easement

The utility easement is an area where the underground cables go. Usually, the UE is along the fence line. When it comes to building a pool, builders must remember that they cannot put any plumbing, gas, drains, electrical cables, or hardscape in the easement. If they are looking for a utility variance, they should get approval from the Woodlands Township.

Hose Bib and Anti-Siphon

The hose bib with anti-siphon prevent water from siphoning through an outside faucet, helping to avoid contamination of drinking water used in your home. Therefore, the city requires for swimming pool builders to indicate which device will be in use.           

VGB Compliant Drains

Check for certification markings on the cover of the drain. All drains must be compliant with VGB requirements. If you are not sure or cannot confirm, the best solution is to replace the drain cover 

Self-Closing/Latching Gate and Fence

As required by law in the state of Texas, the gates must be, at least, 72″ tall, self-closing and self-latching. This means that it must fully close and latch without any human intervention. Door alarms on all doors leading to the pool area must have an alarm located at five feet above the door threshold. It must sound continuously for 30 seconds.

Gas and Wiring Layout

Your builder must present a plan of all wiring and gas connections, as well as other essential elements, is required for approval. It must also have dimensions, and pool location in reference Property Limit, and all BL and utility easement.      

Trees and Landscaping on Plan

The Woodlands is a forested city. Many of their residents preserve the trees for their shade and beauty. When it comes to building a pool, the trees mush show up on the plan, identifying the size, type of tree, and if it needs to be removed or remain in the same spot. You will need a written approval before removing any living tree thicker than six inches in diameter.

Cut Off Switches

The Woodlands requires that water pumps have a Cut Off switch. The switch helps preserve energy by shutting off if the pressure drops below 5 PSI to allow the water flow into the pool.  

Cross Section of the Pool

The cross-section is a depiction of the construction component. The most straightforward explanation of a cross-section is to imagine the construction component cut across its center. The Township requires that the cross-section appears in plans.     

Swimming Pool Slides and Waterfalls

If you are thinking of adding a feature like a water slide, waterfall, or a combination of both, keep in mind that:

  • The slide and handrail must not exceed eight feet in height as noted from existing natural grade. Do not locate Waterfalls/water features and associated berms on any easements.
  • Waterfalls/water features may not exceed five feet in height above natural grade.
  • All pipes and plumbing must be suitably enclosed or screened from view.
  • Any waterfall/water features that incorporate a slide must demonstrate that the waterfall portion does not exceed five feet in height. 
  • An elevation drawing must be submitted indicating the height.

Scale Drawing

The Woodlands requires that the builder attach a drawing of the pool plan on a scale of 1/8″ or 1/4 “=1. It must have the dimensions, location of improvements related to the project. It also must have a cross-section elevation showing the natural grade, raised pool amenities, and pool specs.       

Fire Pit Layout

If you plan to have a fire pit in your backyard, your builder must provide a drawing of the feature, including the color and material.         


If your swimming pool will have a spa, your builder must provide to the Township specifications of the feature, including size, depth, spillway, and gallon capacity.    

And there you have it!  If you live in The Woodlands, Platinum Pools is ready to take you through building your dream pool step by step; from the initial drawing, up to the physical oasis in your backyard.  Give us a call at 281.870.1600 or visit our website www.platinumpools.com