Texas Pool Builder Permits

Why Building Permits are Important for Building a Swimming Pool?

In Construction Process by Platinum Pools

Platinum Pools has been building fun for residents in Southeast Texas for the past two decades.  Our priority is to build a pool right the first time, with safety and maintenance in mind.  Our pool experts provide information to every customer about the pool building process, and we keep in mind that building codes and regulations can vary from town to town.

Our Locations


As the top pool contractor in Houston, we work hard to build the right pool for a customer that fits in with their style and price.  Our professional team is committed to pleasing our customers with every pool we create.  You can be sure that any pool we build will retain its beauty for years to come. 

The main office is also the home to our most complete showroom.  As one client said:

“Platinum Pools was great from the start as far as all the helpfulness, selections, and variety.  We priced others and went to many showrooms, but we always found limited selections. Scott’s showroom was amazing. Platinum Pools offered everything you could imagine and then some. Their selection and variety are better than anyone else.”

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With a 5-Star rating from Google, Platinum Pools Beaumont provides high-quality in-ground and custom pool designs, while holding visual and structural excellence. Our dedicated team of designers, construction supervisors, and schedulers are ready to provide the very best in customer service.  We work with customers to offer them the perfect pool for their budget. 

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Are you looking to build the backyard of your dreams?  Our staff at Platinum Pools Victoria works with the client to ensure an understanding of each step of the pool building process.  In that way, our clients can have a positive pool building experience.  Once the pool is ready, we invite our new owners to Pool School, where we teach how to properly maintain your pool to keep it clean and running great for years to come. 

Visit our page Victoria office page to find out more of the towns we serve in the Victoria area.

With these locations, we can provide custom pools and pool services all over Southeast Texas. 

Building Permits

Each city and county have various rules and regulations when it comes to building on your property.  For example, Harris County requires that a swimming pool structure does not block or interfere with any utility easement.  Also, the swimming pool keeps a mandatory minimum space needed from any on-site septic system.

It is vital to submit a residential application, a site plan, and a pool plan detail to your local city/county prior to construction beginning.  In the case of your property being in a flood plain, an engineer will need to create and sign off on a drainage plan.

This is just one example of what is required to build a pool in Houston. Remember, every city/county has different rules and regulations required when building your pool.  At Platinum Pools, our team will handle the permit process for you.  We collect all the required information and send it to the appropriate agencies for approval.

In addition to obtaining the correct permits, many neighborhoods in and around Houston have a homeowner’s association (HOA).  Any change you want to do to your homes such as a new garage, fence, driveway, or even a swimming pool often requires approval from the Board.  HOA rules vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, with some being stricter than others.  Your best bet is to submit a pool plan to the Board as early as possible to make sure the approval does not slow down the construction of your pool.

Platinum Pools is the perfect choice when it comes to creating your very own backyard oasis. Whether you’re looking to put in a pool, spa, outdoor living area, or all the above, Platinum Pools has you covered.  We have been featured on Pool and Spa News’ top ten pool builders in the United States thanks to having expert designers and builders constructing pools the right way. 

It is our priority to build each customer a pool that they will enjoy, not just maintain. We make each pool right the first time, with both safety and maintenance in mind.  The bottom line is that we have a priority to build a custom pool for each prospect that they will enjoy for years to come.