Swimming Pool Fill Types

Swimming Pool Fill Types – Know the Facts

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Anyone who has a swimming pool, or plans to have one, must be aware that water levels will go down from your pool due to evaporation.  In addition to losing water from evaporation, water levels in your oasis can also go down due to water splashing out of the pool as you and your family play in the pool.  To keep your pool’s water level at the correct height, you will need to periodically add more water to your swimming pool. There are few different fill-type options to choose from when you are building your new pool, you can simply use a garden hose attached to your water spout, add a manual fill line directly into your swimming pool, or have an auto-fill installed that will automatically add water to your pool to keep it at the optimal water level.

Nowadays, swimming pool maintenance is practically non-existent.  There is new equipment that includes automatic cleaning, automatic fill, and an automatic leveler to keep the water in your oasis from drying out and keeping it at optimal levels.

Garden Hose

The cheapest but requires the most time and effort fill type is to use a hose connected to a water spout to add water to your pool. The biggest drawback of selecting this fill type for your pool is that you will have to constantly be aware of and be monitoring your pools water levels. When you notice that the water level in your pool is down, you will need to connect your garden hose to the water spout and then drag the hose over to your pool. You will want to make sure that you are watching as the hose is filling up your pool to make sure that you do not add to much water to the pool.

Manual Pool Fill

A manual fill is similar to adding water to your pool with a hose, only you do not have to hook up a hose and set it in your pool. With a manual fill line, you have a water line hooked up directly to your pool. Simply turn on the manual fill line to add water to the correct level. Like using a hose, you will need to shut off the water once the water level is at the optimal height.

manual fill line fill type

Auto Pool Fill

For new construction pools, an auto-fill fill type provides peace of mind for pool owners.  Auto fills automatically adjust your swimming pool’s water level, preventing damage to pool equipment. Unlike using a hose or manual fill line to add water to your pool, auto-fills will keep your pool at its optimal water level without you needing to constantly be monitoring your pool’s water levels. Most of our customers choose to include auto-fills when they build their pools due to their relatively low additional cost and the convenience they add to maintaining your pool.


Permanent damage to a pool’s equipment may occur when water levels are below certain levels.   By adding an Auto-Fill, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pool’s water levels are always at the optimal level.