In-Floor Cleaning System – The Most Effective Option to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

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If you own an in-ground swimming pool, you may know that there are different pool cleaning systems available.  Without a doubt, there is one systems that is gaining more followers in newly constructed pools. We are talking about the integrated systems for cleaning your oasis automatically.  They are also known as in-floor pool cleaners.

The demand for this product increases year after year, mainly due to several factors: it guarantees an optimal cleaning of the pool with every use, maintenance cost is lower than in the rest of the systems and does not require any human intervention.

In-floor cleaning systems need to be placed during construction or during an overall renovation.

How Do In-Floor Pool Cleaners Work?

An in-floor pool cleaner uses an automatic valve or a set of electro-valves that helps to distribute water to different areas of the pool, considering the size and needs of the oasis.  In addition to an automatic valve, there is a series of nozzles, strategically placed in areas like stairs, walls or bottom of the pool.  The nozzles disburse pressured water that sweeps dirt and debris existing in the pool into the in-floor cleaner drain.

They can be used in any pool, regardless of their size, and allow to adjust the power of water circulation depending on the needs. Therefore, it is important always to have the advice of professionals as this will enable a preliminary study of the installation to know the best possible distribution of the nozzles and thus ensure optimal cleaning.

In-Floor Cleaning system

Why We Recommend and Use A&A Manufacturing?

The A&A in-floor system does much more than just clean your swimming pool:

  • Sanitizes
  • Eliminate cold pockets
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Ensures even distribution of chemicalsventuri pool cleaner head

The equipment has a unique cleaning head design, making it the center of the circulation system.  This piece pops up and uses strong sprays of water that helps collect and remove debris and dirt without human effort.

Another feature of this in-floor cleaning system is that it uses water from the main pump, just like standard jets.  The difference is that it also pulls water from the top using a venturi effect, creating a more powerful cleansing spray.  When the in-floor cleaning uses two water sources, it makes a much stronger jet. When the system is off, the cleaning heads close, becoming invisible to the eye.

Why is Circulation Important?

Water needs efficient circulation, so chemicals get the proper distribution, and avoid debris and dirt accumulation.  The cleaning heads go in areas like the pool’s floor, steps, and benches.  While it’s on, the in-floor systems cleaning heads provoke a 360-degree rotation, guaranteeing excellent cleaning and circulation; it helps to distribute clean, heated water evenly through the oasis for an enjoyable swimming experience.  The best part of it all is that it doesn’t require any effort on your part to do so.

Why It’s Better to Have an In-Floor Pool Cleaner?

Apart from sanitizing, eliminating cold pockets, reducing heat loss and distributing chemicals evenly, there is so much more.  A&A in-floor pool cleaner is eco-friendly since it helps reduce energy usage to keep your pool clean.

Remember, at Platinum Pools, we have experts that can guide you in the construction or renovation of swimming pools, including in-floor pool cleaning systems that will help you have minimum effort in maintaining your pool.  Visit any of our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria, or call us at 281.870.1600 to learn more.