Glass Negative Edge

Swimming Pool Trends of 2019

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In past publications, we have said that the backyard is the new living room, and this rings true every day of the year here in Houston.  Swimming pools are not just for swimming; they are for socializing and lounging.

Now that we are in 2019, there are new swimming pool trends that can be exciting and fresh.  Other trends may have a comeback.  With our experience, investigation, and clients’ requests, here is a list of what will be popular this year:

Dark Interior Pools

White and light blue will always be a favorite.  But with more homeowners asking for tiles from pool wall to pool wall, dark finishes give a cutting edge style, with a natural vibe that looks like a lagoon or even an ocean.

Custom Built Spas and Pools

Tanning Shelves

If there is a trend that continues presently in swimming pool construction is has to be the tanning shelf.  It is great for kids and adults who want to hang in the shallow part of the pool.  The feature is a wide ledge with just a foot deep for sunbathing or sitting.

Swimming Pool Tanning Shelf


Swim-Up Bars

Since the mid-seventies, the swim-up bar is the ultimate feature in swimming pool luxury.  In 2019 the feature becomes more elaborated with a sunk-in outdoor kitchen next to the pool with counter-top and in-pool bar stools.

Swim Up Bar

Fire and Water Features

Fire pits are popping everywhere, but more and more clients request fire and water combo features to get a sound and vision relaxation.  When you add fire and water features to your oasis, you are giving beauty and excitement to your pool and your backyard.  Your personal preferences and imagination can take you to endless ideas of what you look for in a swimming pool.

Custom Pool with Fire and Water Features

Acrylic Negative Edge

Acrylic wall panels are increasing in popularity, becoming the latest trend in swimming pool construction. But when a swimming pool designer gives you an endless possibility, like an acrylic negative edge, it is no longer a trend; it is an innovation.

Glass Negative Edge


If a client owns a townhome, villa or a smaller backyard, we highly recommend considering a spool.  They are an excellent alternative for smaller spaces and even gives more space for other outdoor features like kitchens, fire features or a pavilion.


Smart Pools

People prefer to spend more time having fun and making memories with their swimming pools than maintaining them.  One thing all of our clients can agree; when it comes to a new pool it must be easy to maintain and cost-effective.  The In-Floor Cleaning cleans the pool’s surface without any effort from a human being.  Now that’s a smart pool!

Mosaic Tiles

When clients look for low-maintenance, there is nothing better than mosaic tiles.  Many of them are from recycled glass or ceramic.  Even if it is expensive, in the long run, it pays off, reducing time in maintenance and reducing costs on chemicals.

Diving Boards

There is a mid-century style revival, so don’t be surprised to see a springboard or a diving board.  When used correctly, it can bring tons of fun for the family.

Pavilions and Pergolas

The structures to provide shade in your back yard has been around for centuries, but they are becoming an essential part of the oasis.  When clients order an outdoor kitchen, most probably they will request for a pavilion; while others want to have a pergola in a strategic part of the oasis just to get a bit of shade.

At Platinum Pools, our team of experts can design your dream pool using the best pool construction, and the latest trends in pool features.   Visit any of our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria, or call us at 281-870-1600.