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Spa Spillways

In Pool Features by Platinum Pools

Every day our designers and construction workers spend time in providing the ultimate fun and relaxation for our customers.  In today’s pool construction, more than 80% of customers want a unique design that includes an in-ground spa.

When we create a backyard paradise, we are offering families the ultimate fun and relaxation without having to leave their home.  Integrating a raised spa with your new swimming pool not only provides relaxation but also completes the resort look and feel of your backyard oasis.

A raised spa attached to the swimming pool can be eye candy for the entire design.  It can be the gathering spot to lounge in, and a fabulous piece of outdoor art while it displays mosaic tiles, natural tiles, and beautiful coping.  Some of our customers like to place stones or plants around their swimming pools, adding a more natural ambiance.  But it is the spillway that provides a modern style, letting the water flow from the spa into the pool, helping to relax anyone looking for a Zen moment.

A spillway is just a cascade of water.  When adding one to your spa, it creates a whole new dimension in aesthetics and tranquility.  The spillway allows water to go into the swimming pool that creates a natural sound appeal.  There are four common spillway styles available:

Open Spillway

An open spillway is an open spot in the middle where water flows from the spa and into the swimming pool.

Open Spillway

Bridge Spillway

These are called bridge spillways since the spillway is right under the coping, letting water flow into the pool.  A bridge spillway looks very similar to scuppers spilling from your spa into the pool.

Bridge Spillway

Stacked Spillway

Stacked spillway simulate a staircase of stone that allows the water to fall into the swimming pool.  Made from travertine or flagstone, the position of the rocks creates a babbling brook sound or falling water.

Stacked Travertine Spillway


Negative Edge Spillway

Just like a swimming pool, the negative edge in a spa works the same, a visual effect of water with no boundaries.  The difference is where the water flows.  In the case of the spa, the water flows into the swimming pool instead of into a catch basin.

Negative Edge Spa

Reflection Spillway

A reflection spillway is like the negative edge, except that the water overflows on all sides, creating a reflective effect while the water flows into the pool and back.  In most cases, the borders are flat and covered with tile linings for a reflective top.

Reflection Spa

Remember that Platinum Pools can modify your raised spa to complement the pool’s style and materials.  We invite you to visit our pages on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as our website  for our gallery of spa photos that will get you inspired.   Also, you can visit our offices in Houston, Victoria or Beaumont or call us at 281.870.1600.