Swimming Pool Umbrella

An Umbrella for Your Swimming Pool and Patio

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A patio provides spaces that homeowners should take advantage of.  Surprisingly, an umbrella can make a huge difference; it means having pleasant moments with family and friends and creating lasting memories.

However, the umbrella is also an accessory that is a trend in swimming pool decoration.  If your swimming pool has a tanning deck or a beach entry, don’t hesitate to add one to make it your own private resort, giving a break from the ordinary.

Investing in an umbrella requires checking your different options to make sure you get the right umbrella.  Consider the following tips that will help you select “the one”:


The size of the umbrella determines the amount of shadow it provides for your tanning deck or beach entry. If you overload your pool with a huge umbrella, it will not look good.  According to decoration experts, they advise that the size of the umbrella should be the same as the location of your in-pool loungers.  In case you want to add it to your patio furniture, then add an additional two feet per side.  For example, if you have a round table with a diameter measurement of 4 feet, then it is advised that you purchase an umbrella that measures 8 feet per diameter.  The same goes with your furniture inside a tanning deck.


The height of the pole that holds the umbrella plays a vital part because it needs to be high enough, so it does not obstruct where you walk, but not too high for it to lose its function. The average size of the umbrellas poles is approximately 8 feet tall. The recommended minimum is 7 feet. Many of the umbrella posts come with handles that help to unfold the umbrella and block sunlight while helping to keep the shade.

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When you install an in-pool umbrella, it’s important to have the right sleeve to firmly hold the accessory.  There are in-pool tables that already have a sleeve to place the umbrella.  When it comes to in-ground sleeves, your friendly construction worker will install a seven-inch pole holder.

The pole holder measures 7.5 inches high by 1.5 inches wide.  It comes with a cap to cover the hole when it is not in use.


Decoration experts recommend that you use a lubricant to keep the hinges from rusting.  Also, remember to close the umbrella when not in use.


When investing in an umbrella, make sure that the metal material is weather-resistant and chemical resistant.  Although many companies use reinforced aluminum to build these parasols, there are other materials like wood or stainless steel.  According to experts, reinforced aluminum is resistant to wind gusts, so it is a significant feature. This means that this will help the umbrella last for a long, long time. The canvas of the umbrella is another critical factor since it must be weather-resistant. But take into account the number of ribs where the umbrella holds the canvas.  We recommend that, when investing in a patio or exterior umbrella, get an 8-rib since it helps the canvas stay in place and it will withstand the winds too.

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