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Spring is almost here, and this means that summer is around the corner.  If you happen to have a swimming pool or are thinking about installing one, we are sure that you may want to add some new amenities for your kids and guests.  Remember, a swimming pool has many uses, and not only just to relieve you from the heat.

A while back we published a blog on many sports that athletes start practicing in their swimming pools.  Today, basketball and volleyball are popular games transferred from land to water.


When it comes to aquatic volleyball, place a net across the swimming pool. It’s one of those exercises that will make the muscles stronger by floating in the water while trying to touch the ball.  When building your new pool, ensure to add pole holders for your volleyball net.   In-ground pool volleyball set makes pool parties more fun.

There is nothing better than having a volleyball pole holder.  It goes in-ground that holds the poles in place.  Also included is a flush plug that can cover the hole while not in use.  Your pool builder can install into a pool deck, pool steps, and tanning decks.

When asking for a pole holder, make sure that is, at least, seven inches high and about 2.5 inches in diameter.  The best part is that it comes in an array of colors to match your pool decking.

Swimming Pool Water Volleyball


Also known as water basketball, has the same concept of the player staying afloat, except that it mixes the rules of basketball and water polo, shooting to a basket for a certain amount of time. The most popular is the poolside basketball basket.  It is specially designed for placing on the side of the pool.  It has a weather-resistant board and includes a hoop, net, and a game ball with inflation needle.  It can come with a polyform game base which you can fill it with water or sand for support, or you can have it installed on deck.

Pool Sports Games

An Honorary Mention

There are also other games that you can include in your swimming pool.  If your kids like to play soccer, then don’t forget to get a water polo set. For over 100 years, water polo is a classic swimming pool game that requires a net.  In this case, it’s two-goal nets that float in the water.  Contrary to water basketball, water polo requires two teams to play the game.  Imagine the people in your swimming pool having fun.

If this excites you, then we have good news.  At Platinum Pools, our staff is ready to provide you a pool layout, including your favorite water games, to help you and your family have fun.  Give us a call at 281.870.1600 or visit our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria.  You can also ask for a free quote by visiting our website.