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Swimming Pool Check Up

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You decided to heat your pool for this winter time, right? Don’t think that your pool will stay clean even if you shut off your heating device for a few hours. It takes a few hours to freeze the water and subsequently, the tubes. Remember that you must check your backyard oasis, no matter what, to ensure that all is in order.

Here is a quick swimming pool check up that will help you keep your swimming pool in good shape:

Filter and electrical equipment

Check breakers and time clocks, so they are working correctly. Make sure there are no leaks or cracks around the electric system. And, most of all, ensure that all wires are connected to the pump, heater, sensors, and any other electrical equipment.

Pool cover

You must inspect your pool covers for any signs of damage including tears or holes. If any water or debris have accumulated on top of the cover, you need a pump to remove it.


Ensure that the swimming pool water level is not too low. Get your pool tester and check pH and alkalinity levels. Also, check if there is any calcium hardness. If you see anything that is not at the level it should be, resolve right away.

Surrounding areas

Once you ensure that the swimming pool is in proper order, take the time to clean the area that surrounds your oasis. This is a good time to trim shrubs, trees or bushes that may hang over the pool. Also, remove any leaves and debris that may have accumulated. By making regular inspections with this swimming pool check up, no matter what time of the year it is, it will save money, time, and avoid any unnecessary worry in the long run.