Pool Hardscapes

The Best Materials for a Pool’s Hardscape

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With a variety of pool area design options, plain concrete patios are a thing of the past.  Homeowners can achieve a look that seamlessly fits their style, from natural bluestone to composite wood.  For those preferring a concrete patio, stamped finishes and pavers can update this material and give it a more stylish look.  Safety, durability, and aesthetics are the most important considerations when planning your hardscape area.

Natural Stone Pool Hardscapes

Comes in various colors and finishes, and has the advantage of being durable and adding a sophisticated look to the pool area. If there is damage to one stone, it is better and easier to replace it without destroying the entire patio.


Available in warm, earthy tones.


A beautiful and durable material for outdoor installation and colors including ivory, brown, and gold.  One of its main advantages is its heat resistance, which provides a cool surface for swimmers and patio lovers.  The porous nature of travertine absorbs water incredibly quickly and provides a more non-slip surface.  It is also highly weather resistant and is not prone to crack when it freezes and thaws.


Another type of stone that is very durable.  Installing slate is easy, and easy to cut the material in various ways to create a custom look.

Concrete Pavers and Stamped Terraces

Concrete is a highly versatile, durable, and low-maintenance material for outdoor patios.  It is often less expensive than natural stone and can be textured, stamped, or otherwise treated to resemble it.   It makes it a good choice for homeowners who want to save money without sacrificing aesthetics.  Using the right tools to achieve any shape with concrete makes it easier to incorporate curves into your landscaping with this material.  Proper maintenance and sealing are important, as stamped concrete is prone to cracking.  Concrete pavers are less prone to cracking and are easier to replace.

Wood Decking Boards

Wood offers many homeowners unsurpassed natural beauty but is susceptible to cracking and rotting over time.  Composite decking boards provide the same esthetic appeal as natural wood but are easier to maintain.  Composite decking boards are water and stain-resistant but may show signs of wear, such as curling, over time.  Environmentally friendly options use recycled materials.

Planning the outdoor features surrounding your luxury swimming pool is essential to design.  Discuss options with us to find the best solution for your outdoor space. 

Don’t forget that Platinum Pools makes backyard dreams come true.  With custom-designed pools and surrounding areas, technologically advanced equipment, beautiful materials, and exceptional craftsmanship, we make sure to turn that area into a unique, quality pool environment that brings your family memories and happiness.  For more information about our services, visit our website and ask for a free quote.