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Scary Things in Swimming Pools

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Let’s hear it for the swimming pool technicians!  They are the ones that keep the oasis running and help in keeping them clean.  However, some situations can be very “scary.”  With Halloween just around the corner, here are a few scary things that can sometime be found in a pool.

1.  Dark Swimming Pools

There are few things more frightening than cleaning out a black swimming pool.  Neglected and abandoned pools can turn into black pools of water where unknown creatures hide.  They become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and frogs, and the rotting debris gives them a foul odor. 

2.  Unwanted Guests

Texas is home to animals of all kinds, and a swimming pool might attract some of them for a swim.  It’s no surprise that we have found some of your creepy neighbors, like rodents, snakes, frogs and some other animal elements, making themselves at home in your pool.

3.  Carcasses

What’s creepier than discovering a monster…a dead monster?  That soft, icky feeling on your hand when you reach into the skimmer basket and find a dead animal inside – yuck!  A homeowner should perform a pool shock after removing the carcass.

4. Dogs

Some dogs can be as cute as a Pomeranian.  But beware!  Anyone entering a backyard could be a victim suffering from bites.  On the other hand, dogs can be friendly and playful but won’t let technicians work.  How about those big dogs trained to attack strangers?     No matter the size, a dog must be inside when a pool technician arrives to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

5.  Thunderstorms

Remember how it always rains in horror movies?  Well, the biggest horror for a pool technician is a thunderstorm; everything else is insignificant in comparison because it is a matter of life and death.  That’s why we instruct our pool technicians to take a break and wait in the car during a thunderstorm. 

Speaking about Halloween, a homeowner may want to have a party on a spooky night.  Many love to decorate their pool for the scary occasion.  Skeletons are great around the backyard garden; spiders and miniature ghosts can hang from a nearby tree or at the rims of your terraced roof.  However, always call a trusted pool technician to have your oasis up to date.  After all, a homeowner doesn’t want elements that spoil a chance for an evening of great costumes and get-togethers.

Platinum Pools makes backyard dreams come true.  With custom-designed pools and surrounding areas, technologically advanced equipment, beautiful materials, and exceptional craftsmanship, we make sure to turn that area into a special, quality pool environment that brings your family memories and happiness.  For more information about our services, visit our website and request a free quote.