Platinum Pools Perfect Backyard BBQ

The Perfect Backyard BBQ

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The absolute best way to enjoy the weather, your family, and your pool this summer is by having a BBQ. Whether it be just you and your immediate family, a family reunion, a birthday party, or even a block party, there’s something about the smell of that grill going while everyone plays in the pool that just feels right. Looking to have the perfect backyard BBQ? Well you came to the right place. With just a few simple steps and the right recipe, you’ll be throwing that BBQ that everyone will be talking about!

First Things First, get your Grill Ready:

•    Clean the grill- a dirty grill can be a safety hazard and make change the taste of your food.
•    Decide whether you’re going to cook your BBQ over propane or charcoal. Check out “The Great Propane vs. Charcoal Debate” to learn more about the different benefits offer as well as other grilling tips.

Consider a Theme:

•    Want to turn your BBQ into a party? BBQs are completely flexible and pair well with any theme. Try a Patriotic 4th of July theme or a Country Western theme. Check out other themes for you and your guest to enjoy.

Invite Your Guests:

•    Try to send out invitations 2-3 weeks before your BBQ. Invitations help set the tone of your event. Creative invitations are always a fun idea and let your guests know what to expect. Make sure you include dress code and let them know that it’s a pool party!

The all Important Menu:

•    The menu is the crowning glory of your party. Your options are virtually endless when it comes to an all-American backyard BBQ. Anything from kebabs to homemade hamburgers to babyback ribs to grilled chicken. And don’t forget the delicious sides, salads, and desserts!
•    Can’t decide? Choose from our selection of yummy summer recipes.
•    Don’t forget to check out different sauces and dry rubs.
•    Are you or one of your guests vegetarian? Check out our wonderful recipes of vegetarian BBQ options.
•    Make drinks and mocktails for the kids to make them feel like special guests.

Fun in the Pool:

•    Consider investing in a few pool toys and other outdoor activities! A good game of horseshoes is always best followed up by a game or two of volleyball in the pool.
•    Have a pool relay race and the winners get to go first in the food line!

Don’t Forget:

•    No matter how hard you try, at least a few uninvited guests will be attending your BBQ. To keep those pesky buzzing pests at bay, don’t forget the bug spray and Citronella candles.
•    Keep a few extra towels and suits set aside for any guests that may forget them!
•    Have sunscreen handy at all times.