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Throw a Super Bowl LI Themed Party

In Party Planning, Poolside Recipes by celement

Super Bowl LI is just around the corner, are you ready to throw the best and most memorable super bowl party?

Yes? Cool! We’re here to help.
No? COOL! We’ll change your mind.

So what does it take to throw the ultimate super bowl party? DELICIOUS FOOD and unconventional football décor, of course. Don’t throw lame parties with just chips and dip and microwaved frozen wings, step it up a notch or two or five. You’re going to need more than a 60”+ TV to please all of our your guests. We’ve compiled a list of interesting, delicious foods along with fun decoration ideas.

Step Up Your Finger Food Game

Set the Tone with the Right Decorations

Gear up and get ready for a great time. Whether you’re hosting the party outside on a giant monitor, or in your living room- your Super Bowl IL party will be an instant hit!