Best and Coolest Pool Floats and Toys

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Gear up this spring with the coolest pool toys, games, floats, and accessories to impress everyone.

You would think having an awesome pool (built by Platinum Pools, of course) would be enough, but we all know that bigger is better. Especially in Texas. We’re here to help you spice up your spring and summer pool activities! Want to make your pool parties and summertime activities Instagram-worthy? Ditch the old floaties, lame water basketball hoop, and check out our list of the coolest and most unique pool accessories.

Float In Style

These floats will “wow” everyone. Cliché tanning floating beds are a thing of the past! Why not a donut, swan, or pizza float instead? Throw on some shades and float like a boss.

Toys and Activities

Are you ready for spring and summer? Do you have the coolest floats and games? If not, step up your game this year! We’re certain our outlandish list of pool accessories will have everyone asking to take a dip!