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Veneer Options for Raised Walls and Spa

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Swimming pools have come a long way from the usual blue-painted concrete rectangle. Crafted contemporary layouts include delicate curves and accessories like waterfalls, spillways, adjacent spas, and more. Many homeowners dream of luxury backyards, and here is where veneer options come into play. 

Many immediately think about dentistry when hearing the word veneer, but that is not the case.  Stone veneer is none other than a thin layer of stone used as a decorative facing material.  Veneers are no longer just for residential and commercial buildings.  It is an excellent format to help customize a swimming pool, especially in raised walls and spas. Veneer options become an essential part of the oasis when customizing and decorating is concerned. 

Which Veneers to Choose From? 

Here are a few popular materials that bring out the beauty of an outdoor living area:

Stone Tile Veneer

A Mediterranean design can take a grouted stone veneer.  It is a thinly sliced natural stone pressed into the mortar spread onto the exterior of a spa or raised wall.  

Splitface Veneer

A natural rock veneer goes well with a natural pool design. It also works in a full, natural oasis that uses plants and gravel filters.  Using the same application as mortared stone, the type of natural stone may be rough. There is no grout in between the rocks.

Tile Veneer

If a veneer makes a spa or a raised wall as a focal point, then it is the tile.  It almost gives unlimited options in design.  It can be a pattern or a solid color.  

Mosaic Veneer

A mosaic tile veneer will take a backyard back to the glam days of hotel pools.  Using a traditional mosaic method offers a gorgeous façade. A homeowner can select ceramic, metal, or glass tile, and it still adds a high-end appeal.  It is a popular material for raised reflective spas and infinity edges.

There are other advantages of going with veneers:

Less Maintenance

They can handle any weather conditions and extreme temperatures. A homeowner will never have to repaint the stone.  Veneers outlast a project for years to come.

Easy to Apply

They can go over any other solid structure. Experienced professionals agree that it’s easier to install these veneers than other materials.

Excellent Material for Indoors and Outdoors

Veneers go well with indoor and outdoor projects. There are many options, and the possibilities are endless!  Many use them for an impressive fireplace, an accent wall, or an outdoor kitchen.  

Environmentally Friendly

Its natural origins make it durable and beautiful.  It doesn’t need a replacement, so it reduces waste.  Now that’s environmentally friendly.

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