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Pebble Surface – A Very Popular Pool Element

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Pebble pool surfaces are a very popular pool interior surface option.  If a homeowner is considering adding a swimming pool in their backyard or remodel an existing oasis, using pebble plaster is an excellent choice.  Today, some homeowners do not want to stay with the traditional blue water.  Here is when different color surfaces come in.  Various colors like red, yellow, or black, pebble surfaces are stain-resistant, anti-slip, and nonporous.

What is Pebble Plaster?

Pebble plaster is a combination of hydraulic cement and polished stone pebbles. The mixture goes on the surface and later hand-wiped or water-blasted after applying the concrete, revealing the pebble’s top layer.

What are the Advantages of Pebble Plaster?

Pebble plaster has a longer lifespan than many other pool surfaces available.  It does not absorb chemicals thanks to its nonporous feature.  It also resists algae growth, and it is stain resistant.  Contrary to traditional plaster, which requires more maintenance than pebble finishing, can stain and has a shorter overall lifespan.

Textures and Colors

When deciding the texture and color of a pebble plaster, it can be quite overwhelming.  However, with the help of a pool designer, it can be relaxing.  The plasters come in a range of colors, from the lightest white to the darkest black.  Also, the pebble texture plays a vital role.  The smaller the pebbles, the better.  The feet will get less scrapped, and it has an anti-slip and stain-resistant surface.

Keeping Up with the Times

On average, a standard pool finish will deteriorate until it requires a total replacement about once every 10 to 15 years.  Styles change, and homeowners change.  It is not a surprise to see a pool getting resurfaced before showing signs of deterioration.  A total pool renovation will cost much more and take several months to complete.

It’s All in the Design

If a homeowner is looking for a unique design that goes with the décor, then a pebble plaster goes very well.  It creates a natural oasis feel to a backyard, and it can help tie into a home’s overall design.

What’s in the Budget?

The cost depends on two key factors: The pool’s size and work scope. A pool designer is a perfect person to explain your dream pool or a pool renovation project’s itemized cost.  When it comes to choosing a surface, consider getting pebble plaster.

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