Plants That Keep Bugs Out of Your Swimming Pool

Best Natural Bug Repellants

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Get ready for spring and summer full of outdoor activities without the pesky mosquitoes.

Texas summers are for sitting outside by the pool (or inside with the air conditioning set to 70). Whether you are tanning, swimming, grilling, or just enjoying a nice day by the pool, there’s one thing you can never escape in Houston. What’s that? Mosquitoes!

Those pesky mosquitoes seem to multiply just as fast as the flowers begin to bloom and love damp, wet areas. Do you also feel like you can never escape mosquitoes? Will they always find a way to bite you on the most obscure part of your body? Do not worry about it! It’s now more important than ever to protect yourself, as the number of potential mosquito-borne diseases is on the rise. So be vigilant and protect yourself this summer! We have compiled a list of DIY mosquito repellents and solutions you can easily make at home to keep you and your friends and family mosquito-free.

DYI Non-Toxic Mosquito Sprays

These DYI sprays not only serve as a repellant, but it also works as an air freshener for your home.

Combine all materials into a spray bottle and shake before use.

    • Rosemary – Lemongrass
      • 1 ½ tbsp. water
      • 1 tsp. castor oil
      • 4 drops Geranium Essential oils
      • 8 drops Rosemary Essential Oils
      • 8 drops Lemongrass Essential Oils
    • Lavender – Vanilla (Find an 8oz spray bottle)
      • 15 drops of Lavender Essential Oils
      • 4 tbsp. of lemon juice
      • 4 tbsp. of vanilla extract
      • Fill the rest of the 8 oz. bottle with distilled water
    • Eucalyptus – Cinnamon
      • 15 drops eucalyptus essential oil
      • 5 drops cinnamon oil
      • 15 drops citronella oil
      • 2 oz. castor oil
      • 6 oz. witch hazel

If you can’t find any of these ingredients, use and 8oz. spray bottle; add 15 drops of eucalyptus and fill the rest with 90% rubbing alcohol.  It also helps to keep the bugs away.

Expand Your Garden

We know how much you love your outdoor family room. There is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying your swimming pool and garden. But did you know that there are also flowers that keep the bugs away from your oasis?

You may already be considering some plants and flowers that you want to place once the pool is ready. Essential, everyday herbs like rosemary and basil can do the trick. Other helpful herbs include mint, dill, thyme, and bay leaves. Surprisingly, growing catnip can also help repel mosquitoes. Catnip contains a unique, essential oil called nepetalactone that drives mosquitoes crazy.

Some flowers can help your garden be bug-free. The geranium has vivid colors and requires little to no care. There is a wide variety of geranium, but red-colored geraniums help keep bees away from the area. Combining red geraniums with lemon-scented geraniums can help to repel mosquitoes too. Another flower to consider for your garden is jasmine. It can keep mosquitoes away while it adds a beautiful smell to your backyard oasis. The magnolia is also a favorite flower for its beauty and scent. It is an excellent mosquito repellent. Planting some close to the pool area will help keep the bugs away.

Get ready for a summer of fun- filled with mosquito free outdoor activities. Never will you have to use another store brand mosquito repellent filled with potentially harmful chemicals. Chemicals that are both bad for your skin and your pool.

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