Heating Your Pool During Cooler Months

When to Start Heating a Pool for the Cooler Months?

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At a time when we remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have in our lives, one thing’s for sure: Texans can be thankful for (almost) year-round outdoor pool weather. But with rising energy costs for which there’s no end in sight, keep a close eye on anything energy-related, that includes pool heating.

South Texas winters are generally pleasant. Having a pool heater can help set your pool’s temperature to “just right” no matter what time of the year.

What is “just right” for a homeowner and their energy budget depends on many factors. When is the right time to turn on the pool heater? 

The Benefits of a Pool Heater in Texas

Pool heaters are not just for cooler climates or northern states! There are some reasons why you should get a pool heater:

  • Extend your swimming season
  • Host pool parties in the winter
  • Enjoy outdoor exercise in cooler weather
  • Enjoy more nighttime swimming
  • Maximize the investment made
  • Some pool heating equipment can also help cool the pool, an added benefit for Texas summer weather

The Right Time to Turn on your Pool Heater

Several factors determine how long it takes for your pool to heat up:

  • Type of pool heater (heat pump, gas, solar, etc.)
  • Water temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Size and depth of the pool

Considering all of these factors, it usually takes one hour per 1.5-degree increase to the temperature of your pool.

When is the right time to turn on your pool heater? Whenever you are ready to use it!

It is different from a home thermostat, which usually stays at the same temperature all winter to save energy or is set to a slightly lower temperature when no one is home.

If a homeowner does not wake up and go swimming right away, it’s easier to turn on the pool heater when they are ready to use it. Please turn it off for maximum energy savings.

Heating a Pool in Wintertime; How Much Does it Cost?

Many ask this question because they think it will increase their electric or gas bill by hundreds of dollars. This will all vary depending on how efficient your pool heater is, the cost of electricity/gas, the size of your pool, the temperature you are heating the water to, the outside temperature etc.

What Type of Pool Heater Should be Appropriate for a Pool?

Homeowners who have a pool may want to extend the swimming season. There are many types and models of pool heaters. Choosing the right one depends on the size and depth of the oasis and the budget. Many of our customers call us for advice. Therefore, it is important to consult a professional if you need to replace the heater due to an upgrade or pool remodeling project.

Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps

Heat pumps and pool heaters are great choices. However, if you decide to purchase a heat pump, consider the following: 

  • Both devices can heat the pool to the desired temperature, but pool heaters get the job done faster 
  • Heat pumps are great for warm climates, while a pool heater is better suited for lower temperatures.
  • If a homeowner chooses a gas heater, they should consider the cost and availability carefully.
  • If a homeowner wants to save money, they should consider a heat pump. It uses less energy but may come with a higher initial cost.

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