Why Install Pool Gushers

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Ever see those extravagant pools, or large lakes with large gushing water fountains? Well you can custom design and add those crazy water features to your own pool. Pool gushers, also known as bubblers can be a fun and noticeable addition to your pool. The source of the bubblers are located at the base of the swimming pool itself, with water pushing itself up and back in the pool water.

Why Install Pool Gushers

  • While it is not necessary for a gusher to be a part of the swimming pool, having it installed would give your pool a very distinct look. The calming sound a gusher makes depends mainly on the height it is set at. Gushers can create small ripples in the water, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing flow. The movement of the water is very soothing to the eyes
  • If you have children, installing gushers is definitely a must. Gushers are typically installed at the shallow side of the pool to produce waves that go towards the deeper side. They often serve as an attraction for children which keeps them busy at the shallow side of the pool. This prevents them from trying to enter the deeper side of the pool and avoid any mishaps. Children often like this installation because they can play with the pressure. The pressure from the bubblers also feels good against the skin, giving us a little massage.

Inner Workings of a Pool Gusher

The source of a pool gusher is typically located at the base of a tanning ledge or a beach entry (basically in shallow water). The installation of the gushers has to be a part of the plan. While the pool is being constructed, pipes are laid at the base of the pool; each bubbler having its own dedicated pipe. Then there is a bubbler that is attached to the pipes and its head peeks out even when the concrete is leveled. The pipes are directly linked to the main water supply.  The head of the gusher is then covered with a cap, allowing water to come out of a center hole. All the pipes are then connected to the diverter valves which are responsible for the flow of gushers.

Experimenting with a Pool Gusher

While there are no variations in the working of a bubbler itself, there is little that can be done with its pressure. For a better night time view of the bubblers, there is always an option of installing bubblers with different lights. However, one can use their own creativity to arrange the placing of the bubblers. Some people place these bubblers along the shallow side of the pool while others prefer one big gusher in the center of the pool. The most popular one, however, is the one placed under or near the chairs in a pool. This is mostly done to sooth the feet from the pressure of these bubblers.