2016 BUILD USA Pool Construction Excellence Award Winner

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When we receive praise and recognition for our commitment to swimming pool construction excellence, we are grateful that the amount of work required to be recognize is all thanks to our satisfied customers spanning the Texas Gulf Coast and across the Lone Star State. For 18 years, the folks at Platinum Pools who work year-round in our Houston, Beaumont, and Victoria offices have seen thousands of happy pool owners realize their dreams and without your business, we wouldn’t be where we are.

BUILD Magazine Recognized – Construction Excellence in Pool Building

Since 1998, we’ve received our share of awards and accolades across the state, and when the rest of the USA and world take notice, we find ourselves both proud and humbled that the makers and dreamers that construct and design beautiful works of art that everyday people can use to make their lives better. BUILD Magazine, a UK-based monthly publication showcasing global construction, engineering, and property industries, has not only nominated us, but has informed us that we are one of their 2016 USA Construction Excellence Award winners!

In their own words:
“Here at BUILD we are highlighting the most prominent players in this now-burgeoning sector. We have spent the past few months searching through the resources available to us, creating a shortlist of the firms we believe best represent a cross-section of the best and brightest when it comes to the construction and engineering industry. We are impressed with your work and we believe you deserve recognition, which is why our team has chosen you as a winner of our USA Construction Excellence Awards.”

We love that industry experts across the Atlantic Ocean draw inspiration from the type of luxurious swimming pools and innovative pool designs that Platinum Pools is known for across Texas, and without the three decades of exceeding expectations based on the praise and feedback from our customers, none of this would be happening to our Houston-based business.

Thank You from Platinum Pools

We can’t stress it enough: The people whose lives we touch on a daily basis are the reason why we exist and continue to make a name for ourselves, and without the help of our staff, support teams, and the people who’ve kept us in business almost 20 years, we wouldn’t be a BUILD Magazine recognized industry leader in the world of pool design and construction. To learn more about our team, visit our staff page and read about the people that make Platinum Pools great.