2017 Pool Trends

5 Swimming Pool Trends for 2017

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Build a perfect pool with the hottest pool trends of 2017.

Pool designs and trends are forever changing. Technology is advancing so many aspects of our lives, and the pool industry is not lacking. With the fast advancement of technology, there are always new gadgets, systems, and designs that emerge into the market every year. In a world of social media shares, like buttons, and things “going viral”- everyone and anyone can instantly share their crazy custom pools. To stay ahead, Platinum Pools has gathered a list of trending pool designs, features, and add-ons that will make your pool an instant top Pinterest pin.


Sounds silly, but it really is a thing. For space-conscious homeowners who only have room for a small pool, but want the luxury of a spa; spools are THE solution. Spools are made for the urban dweller and inner city town-homes that have limited backyard living space. Don’t sacrifice not having a pool in the Houston heat, be smart and get a spool! Spools can also be customized completely with unique tiling, fancy lights, and much more.

Unique Tiling

Finish your pool off with something other than boring traditional cement. Leave that to the community public pools. Adding unique and beautiful tiling to your pool will give it a cosmetic lift. Whether it’s glass or stone tiles, adding them will give your pool a pristine and sheen look. The effect of the tiles adds to the overall reflective quality of the water. Create unique patterns and choose between various colors.

Fancy Lighting

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Opt out of the boring giant round pool lights that buzz louder than you’re A/C unit. Choose the right kind of lighting will keep your pool’s beauty well off into the night when the sun is no longer enhancing its beauty. Be adventurous! Use lighting to highlight sections of your pool you wish to show off. Create a spa-like atmosphere that will immediately capture everyone’s attention.

Zero Edge / Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are all the rage! You can typically find them at hotels, resorts, and extremely overpriced high-rise apartment complexes. These elegant pools create the illusion that your pool extends for miles and never end. Infinity pools are a perfect addition to newer more modern homes to complement its aesthetics. So why not build a gorgeous resort-style infinity pool in your very own backyard.infinity swimming pool

Automated Pools

Life would be so much easier if everything was automated. Technology is a beautiful thing, and now many pool owners can control their pools from their smartphones. This makes maintaining your pool a heck of a lot easier. Keep tabs on routine check-ups and control it all from the palm of your hand. Turn your entire pool into a remote-controlled behemoth. Control your waterfalls, spa, water jets, lights, sound system, pool cover, and much more. Step into the present and future with automated pools!

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