Proper Swimming Techniques

Back to Basics: Proper Swimming Techniques

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Want to swim like the pros? We’ve got you!

Catch yourself struggling to stay afloat in the pool? Notice that your go-to swimming technique is the doggy paddle? Stress no more! Platinum Pools has all tips you’ll need to swim like a pro this summer. So get out, grab some goggles, swimming cap, your most trusted bathing suit, and become the next Michael Phelps (of your neighborhood).

The Breaststroke

The breaststroke is arguably the easiest technique. But to each their own. The breaststroke can be broken down to your body position, the unique frog-like leg movement, the catch and pull arm technique, and proper gliding & breathing. Watch this tutorial:


The Freestyle

No we’re not dancing or breaking out some awesome grooves. The freestyle stroke while seems complicated, is quite easy to learn. It is known to be the most efficient and fastest method of swimming. Things to note:

  • Your head is in line with your body and trunk. Make sure you’re looking down as you start.
  • Your legs are using supple flutter kicks.
  • Extend both arms in front. They are fully extended and make sure your palms are facing down.
  • Breathing properly plays a huge role in the freestyle stroke.

Take a look at the tutorial below:

The Backstroke

We call this the leisure stroke or the show off stroke. Mostly it’s the “how can I get water in my ears faster, stroke”. As its name suggests, it is the only competitive stroke that requires you to swim on your back. Your head and neck are in line with your spine and your head is looking straight up. Your legs perform a flutter kick, while your arms are fully extended and alternate in rotation.

The Butterfly Stroke

This majestic stroke stands out amongst the rest. No doubt, you’ll notice the unique and extravert technique while watching the Olympics. It’s a more challenging stroke, and can easily wear your out. However, once mastered, you’ll be able to impress everyone. The Butterfly stroke utilizes a dolphin like kick, symmetrical arm movements, and moving your body in a wave like motion. It’s a full body workout!

Swimming is a great form of exercise, but not everyone knows how to swim, or the proper way to do so. Practice makes perfect! Get out and try these techniques, today!