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9 Pool Upgrades to Save You Money, Energy and Time

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A swimming pool is an investment that pays you back in lots of ways. With a pool, your home becomes more inviting to your family and your friends, and it provides a great area for making family memories. Having these modernized pool upgrades can significantly increase the value of your property. 

With the right upgrades, your pool can save on energy costs, too — a benefit for the environment as well as your wallet. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your pool savings, here are nine smart moves you can make this season.

1. Upgrade your pool’s finish

If you have a heated pool, this is one change you can make that can cut down on energy costs and make your pool more inviting — win-win! Darker finishes absorb more of the sun’s UV energy, and that means your pool water will be warmer without increasing your thermostat. It’s a natural method of heating your pool that can help you save costs and decrease your energy usage. Plus, upgrading the finish is a simple way to give your pool a facelift without a major investment.

2. Swap out your old pool pump for a variable-speed model

If you really want to save some money on your pool upgrades, you might want to think about upgrading your pump. Today’s pumps are much more efficient than pumps made even just a decade ago. 

To maximize savings, consider a variable speed pump that uses a magnet-based motor to reduce noise, vibration and energy consumption. Unlike a traditional pump that uses a single speed, variable speed pumps have adjustable settings — typically between three and eight settings — along with built-in timer systems that adjust the pump’s speed automatically. 

Not only can adjustable settings save on electricity costs, but by optimizing when and how your pump runs, you can cut down on wear and tear and extend the life of your pump, as well. A high-efficiency variable-speed pump that’s ENERGY-STAR® certified can save as much as 90% on the electrical usage of a traditional, single-speed pump. 

In fact, these pumps are so good at cutting down on energy consumption, the EPA will start requiring installation of variable-speed pumps with all new pools and pump replacements, starting in 2021.

3. Increase the size of your pool filter

Your pool’s filter does an important job in keeping your water crystal clear, allowing water to pass through while removing debris. A larger filter provides more surface area for water flow, and that means your pump doesn’t have to work quite as hard to keep water circulating. That means the pump can use less energy, and it’ll also be subjected to less wear and tear.

4. Opt for a heat pump

Maybe your pool is in a shaded or covered area where a solar water heater doesn’t make sense. In that case, a heat pump could be a good option. 

Heat pumps have been around for a while, but today’s versions are a lot more efficient, which means they cost a lot less to operate. They’re also more eco-friendly than older versions. Electric heat pumps use the air’s surrounding temperature to heat up the air, so they work best when the outside temperature is at least 55 degrees. When the air is at the cooler range, they can help cool down your pool water on hot days, too. The smart pool upgrades.

5. Invest in routine maintenance

Keeping your pool’s filter and pump in good working order is a smart way to keep them operating at peak efficiency — and it’s also important for keeping your water clean and inviting. Some maintenance chores are ideal for the DIYer, but if you’d rather spend your time enjoying your pool instead of working on it, you can ask us about ongoing maintenance plans that take the hassle out of your hands — and off your mind.

7. Automate where you can

Automated pool systems monitor your pool continually, adjusting the temperature, the heating system, the filter automatically. Plus, you can keep track of your pool’s systems via your cell phone for ultimate convenience and efficiency.

Monitor your pool from your iPhone
Track your swimming pool’s performance from the convenience of your smartphone.

8. Enlist the robots

Not interested in a complete automation system? You can take a lot of the hassle out of pool maintenance with a robotic pool cleaning system. These powerful cleaners have been around for some time, but just like other pool features, they’ve come a long way since they were first introduced. 

Today’s robotic units don’t just clean the water and the pool floor; they can clean walls, steps and other surfaces, too — and they do it with a fraction of the energy of a traditional vacuum or outdated cleaning system.

While robotic cleaners need to be placed and removed from the pool manually, as well as periodically cleaned, there’s an even more automated solution – in-pool cleaning systems. These little pop ups are installed flush on all pool surfaces, including steps, walls, and benches. They literally pop up from the surface spraying pressurized water to push dirt and debris towards the pool’s main drain. In-pool cleaning systems can be equally or more energy efficient than robotic cleaners.

9. Incorporate pool-friendly landscaping

If you’re planning on updating your yard’s landscaping, you might want to consider planning in a few features that can benefit your pool. Incorporating a windbreak with trees or shrubs can help lower heat loss, keeping your pool warmer without bumping up the thermostat. A windbreak could also decrease evaporation, lowering water costs, too. Not interested in adding trees or shrubs? You can create a windbreak with a pergola or a hardscaped wall, too.

Bottom line: There are lots of options for increasing your pool’s efficiency and cutting back on costs — and the best part is, at Platinum Pools, we can develop a solution that’s optimized for your pool’s size, age, location and features, as well as your budget. 

To find out more about pool upgrades that can help you save money and energy, give us a call on 281-819-1645 and schedule an on-site consultation today.