Pool Statues

Adding Statues to a Swimming Pool

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When clients contact our offices, they usually already have an idea of what they want. Building a custom pool is not only about the shape that fits the backyard; it also includes the accessories homeowners desire to convert their backyard into the ultimate staycation. Amongst the popular features are waterfalls, mini jets, rain descents, raised walls and fire and water features. On the other hand, other elements like a statue can add an eye-catching elegance and artistic flair.

What Are Pool Statues?

A statue is an easy way to bring a pool from ordinary to extraordinary. Seriously! The addition of a figure to your pool will increase the level of sophistication in your outdoor decor.

Famous statues like Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s David, or The Statue of Liberty may come to mind. It is undoubtedly a way to go with pool statuary, adding an exquisite conversational piece that guests and family members will not stop talking about.

Some statues also serve as a pool accessory. You can also install figures that feature a water element. It acts more like pool fountains providing additional tranquility to the backyard. A homeowner may select many aquatic figures like fish, frogs, dolphins, and mermaids. Others prefer earthly figures like lions or Egyptian cats. There are many designs available to add around the pool and landscape. These include raised statues, single statues, multiple statues, Zen statues, and waterline spitters. 


Although adding a statue is an esthetic one, there are other benefits:

  • Elevates the elegance of the oasis.
  • Provides an artistic element to the backyard.
  • It can even give a symmetrical aspect. 
  • Pool statues are not too expensive.
  • A pool statue also serves as a fountain or spitter.
  • Spitter statues help circulate water, as it also gives a natural, relaxing sound.

Be Aware of Additional Equipment

Placing a primary and not giant statue is easy, and it can go anywhere. However, be aware of other elements:

  • Spitter statues require a water line with a separate pump.  
  • If a figure has more than one line, it may need a pipeline to route the water.
  • Life-sized statues are more costly than smaller ones.  
  • Spitters require special maintenance since it gets calcium buildup.  


Materials, sizes, and quality of work are what will determine the price of a statue. There are some made with fiberglass resin and brass instead of bronze and copper. However, stone-carved figures are more expensive.   

Installing statues may depend on the number of figures, the setup, and if it requires a water line. Remember, the more complex the figure is, the more labor costs will be. 

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