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Advantages of Having a Pool Chiller

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Please remember that depending solely on natural cooling methods will not adequately maintain a comfortable temperature for your pool water during the blistering summer heat.  Although various blogs advise on how to regulate pool water temperature, we recommend investing in a pool chiller. 

Are you finding your swimming pool too warm in the scorching Texas sun?  Keep in mind that a pool is not a spa, and it can quickly become uncomfortably warm.  Installing a pool chiller is a must-have during the hot summer months to maintain a cool temperature in your pool.  Don’t miss out on the benefits of a pool chiller, including:

  • Chillers for pools are highly energy-efficient and occupy space like an AC unit, making them convenient to install in any desired location.
  • Furthermore, these products are specifically designed to uphold their highest level of functionality even in scorching and humid conditions.

Other Advantages of Why You Should Get a Pool Chiller

Pool chillers are essential to maintain the chemical levels of the pool’s water and keep the water cool during summer.  With a temperature drop of 10˚F (from 90˚ to 80˚), chemical consumption can be reduced by 20% to 25%, making it a necessary investment for any pool owner.

Pool Chiller Work to Keep It Refreshed

Are you curious about the inner workings of a pool chiller?  It’s simple.  As water flows through the system, the airflow removes the heat and pumps the cooled water back into the pool.  Imagine how refreshing swimming in your oasis with a pool chiller during those scorching Texas summer days would be.

Pebble, Tile, Dark Finishes, or Quartz Need a Chiller!

It’s true!  If your pool water has certain materials in it, it may need to provide more cooling.  It’s better to invest in a chiller instead.  There are various sizes and capacities available to suit your pool’s needs.  It would be best to buy a chiller that can lower the water temperature by 10 to 15˚ within 24 hours to ensure a comfortable swimming experience in your home pool.

Automatic Cover for Your Pool?  Your Pool Needs a Chiller!

In Texas, most pool owners choose to keep their pools open.  However, there may be circumstances where it is necessary to do so.  Suppose you own a pool with an automatic cover.  In that case, it is advisable to have a chiller because, for most of the year, the temperature can reach 80-90 degrees, which can cause the water to become overheated.  If your pool is under constant exposure to sunlight, it is better to have a chiller to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Go with the Best Pool Chiller

Looking for a reliable water chiller for your swimming pool?  Consider the TropiCool Water Chiller by Aqua-Cal.  According to the company, their products help to lower the water temperature, making your swimming experience enjoyable and refreshing on hot days.  Plus, it’s specifically built to withstand humid climates, ensuring long-term durability. 

Some of the advantages include:

  • It features user-friendly controls that help you set and maintain a refreshing temperature effortlessly.
  • Unlike evaporation-based systems, it operates differently and conserves water.
  • Regardless of humidity levels, it delivers consistent performance.
  • It features a durable titanium heat exchanger that remains unaffected by complex water chemicals.
  • The chiller is ideal for cold plunge pools, possibly lowering temperatures to as low as forty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

TropiCool has two available models:

  • TC1000 – cold plunge pool up to 3,500 gallons
  • TC500 – cold plunge pool up to 2,500 gallons

If you’re considering getting a custom pool, ask one of our designers about adding a pool chiller.  In the long run, you’ll appreciate having a refreshing and cool pool for many enjoyable staycation days.

At Platinum Pools, we utilize top-quality materials to create your personalized swimming pool.  Feel free to browse our website for a complimentary quote or call us at 281-870-1600 to learn more.