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How to Fit a Lap Pool Into Your Lifestyle

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During hot summer days, getting enough exercise can be challenging.  However, investing in a lap pool can help you avoid the gym and enjoy the fresh air while working out.  Keep reading to learn about lap pools and why they may fit your fitness routine perfectly.

What is a Lap Pool?

If you’re looking for a pool ideal for exercising in a small or narrow backyard, a lap pool might be just what you need.  Unlike traditional circular or square pools, lap pools are rectangular and elongated, making them perfect for swimming laps.  Their narrow width means they can fit easily into many spaces, while their sleek design adds elegance to any backyard.  The term “lap pool” is also flexible and customizable to your specific needs.

Typically, an Olympic lap pool is 160 feet long with lanes only six feet wide.  However, there may be other options for personal lap pools.  Many customers prefer a shorter lap pool, with some opting for a length of only eight meters.  Unlike Olympic pools, which have narrower lanes separated by soft ropes, it is better to have a wider lane for a pool with hard sides to avoid hitting the sides while swimming.  Building your lap pool at least eight feet wide is better to ensure enough space for all strokes.  Although there are no set rules for lap pools, you can customize them to your liking. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Many people believe lap pools should be significantly cheaper than regular swimming pools, but this is a misconception.  The cost of installing a lap pool is like that of a full-size pool.  The price of lap pools can vary significantly due to the various types and styles available.  The size of the pool, specifically the length, and width, is the main factor that affects the cost, but additional features and personalized options can also impact the final price.

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry – you can still find a lap pool that fits your needs without breaking the bank.  One way to save money is by choosing a shorter pool size.  While Olympic lap pools are 160 feet, most people only require a little space.  Selecting a shorter length can save thousands of dollars and have a great lap pool that fits perfectly in your backyard.

Can I Add Features to My Lap Pool?

You can incorporate several extra functionalities into your swimming pool to enhance its comfort and usability.  One popular add-on is a heating mechanism that lets you use the pool all year round, even during colder months.  Installing a heating system in your pool ensures you get the maximum value from your investment.

Adding pool lighting is a popular choice among pool owners as it provides the convenience of swimming at night.  This feature is easy to install yet highly effective in maximizing the use of your pool.

How Deep Should a Lap Pool Be?

Lap pools come in various widths and lengths, and you can tailor the depth according to your preferences.  The usual depth for a lap pool is five feet, which is a safe depth for jumping in.  However, it is still shallow enough for the user to stand in the water.  With this depth, you can do water aerobics or other aquatic exercises.  But, if you plan to dive into the pool, it is unsafe to do so with this depth.  It’s best to consult a pool building expert to determine the proper length and depth if diving is part of your plan.

How Do I Go into My Lap Pool?

In most cases, using a lap pool is mostly for exercise rather than recreation.  Therefore, having stair access like a regular family pool is not the norm.  However, if you need one, building one into the wall is better to keep space for swimming.

Another great option is offset steps within the pool, which take up less space than traditional steps.  Both options will include a stainless-steel rail for safely entering and exiting the pool.  As lap pools are much smaller than conventional pools, these entrance methods are better suited to this pool type than a regular staircase, which could cause issues when swimming in such a limited space.

Is Swimming in a Lap Pool a Good Exercise?

A lap pool is a popular choice for those who want to exercise in the comfort of their backyard and provides a great way to stay active.  Swimming is a whole-body workout perfect for those with joint issues, as it is low-impact and doesn’t put pressure on the joints as running or other exercises can.  It’s a high-intensity option that lets you get a great workout without sweat.

Swimming is a beneficial exercise that helps to build bone mass, burn calories, and provide excellent resistance for strength training.  It is also an effective way to lose weight and improve your body’s ability to maintain oxygen levels, preventing diseases like osteoporosis.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced swimmer, having a lap pool in your driveway can make it easy and comfortable to get your daily workout in.

Is My Lifestyle Right for a Lap Pool?

A lap pool boasts a sleek design that can transform any backyard and add value to your property, especially if you ever decide to sell.  By choosing this unique feature for your home, you can make it stand out from the competition and increase its value significantly.

Investing in a lap pool for your home is a commitment to prioritize your health and wellness.  With convenient access to a workout, you are more likely to engage in physical activity daily, leading to numerous benefits for your body and overall well-being.  Additionally, having a pool readily available provides a refreshing way to enjoy each day and create lasting memories with loved ones.

Lap pools are a fantastic option for exercise and leisure, ensuring frequent use for various activities.  Constructing a lap pool is an investment in your health, property, and self that will provide daily returns.  So do not hesitate to let Platinum Pools build one for you.  Call us at 281-870-1600 or visit our webpage for a free quote.