An Outdoor Thanksgiving Celebration

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With Thanksgiving near, we’re all trying to make plans for a festive start to the holidays.  Luckily for us in Texas, it means cool, crisp weather.  We’ve got a few great ideas on how to make your Thanksgiving celebration fun for everyone.

Set the Mood by Your Pool With Your Outdoor Tablescape

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a warmly lit,brightly decorated table  – even better if you can set it up outdoors!  Buffet-style serving works perfectly next to your pool. If you typically have pumpkins and squash as décor, why not change things up this year? Below are a few ideas that will impress your guests.

  • Clear glass vases filled with branches
  • Deer antler sheds
  • Pine wreaths
  • Candles on sticks of different heights or votives
  • Hollow out a few pumpkins and fill with ice for a homemade cooler
  • Floating candles in the pool

You can even use the nature in your back yard or garden for a unique garland or name place card! Find a wide leaf, and using gold or silver spray paint from your local home improvement store, spray the entire leaf or branch.  If you have enough single leaves, you can write the names of your guests on each one and place them on the plates where you would like them to sit.

Let the games begin!

After the feast, a few of your guests may succumb to the tryptophan and lie down for a nap. For those who want to burn a few calories, or just continue the fun, below are a few ways to get your heart pumping.

  • Pumpkin pool toss (shot put a pumpkin for the biggest splash)
  • Leaf raking contest
  • Pool log joust (if it’s warm enough)
  • Turkey Tag

Bring on the sweet treats

While some may love the traditional desserts, you can also make a few fun ones for the younger crowd – and be sure to include them in the creation (and the clean-up).