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Back to Basics – The Rectangular Pool

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Rectangular pools are making a big comeback right now. The design is hard to beat for practicality, aesthetics, and space to enjoy the water. Here are some factors that make rectangular pools so popular.

1. They are effortless to swim in

It may seem obvious, but a rectangular pool offers the perfect shape for swimming. It offers a long, unobstructed expanse of water that is ideal for lap swimming. It’s no coincidence that Olympic pools are always rectangular.

One of the benefits of a pool is that it provides a private place to improve your health and fitness. Swimming laps is the ideal way to achieve this, as swimming is one of the best forms of exercise that tones almost all muscles and improves cardiovascular health. To benefit from this exercise, you need a water surface that allows you to swim laps. There is no pool shape more suitable for this than the rectangle.

2. They are also ideal for relaxing

Another advantage of your swimming pool is that it provides you with a secluded place where you can relax comfortably on your property. Nothing is more relaxing than taking a dip in the pool at the end of a busy day. Spending time in the water helps relieve stress and anxiety, easing your daily routine and enhancing your overall well-being.

Although this can be done in pools of all shapes and sizes, rectangular pools are especially good for relaxing, as it is extremely easy to create large, comfortable seating areas around them. A perfect place to enjoy the water when you do not feel like swimming.

3. They are a practical choice for families

Choosing a family pool can be particularly difficult, as you have a variety of different needs to consider. It would be helpful if you had a pool that has enough space for the whole family to swim and play in the water together. A rectangular pool is perfect for sports like water volleyball that the whole family can enjoy. This strengthens cohesion and gives you the ideal opportunity to spend quality time together.

However, when looking for a pool for the whole family, safety must come first. Here again, rectangular pools perform extremely well. Since they have an open shape, with no shady corners or hidden areas, it’s much easier to supervise the kids and make sure they can enjoy the water safely.

4. They fit well with most properties

Your backyard pool needs to match the style of your home. When it matches well, you can create a unified design for your property that looks much more stylish and gives potential buyers the impression of a well-maintained property. This can increase the value of your home and boost sales if you ever decide to move.

Some homeowners have very specific ideas about the shape of their pool and want something other than a traditional pool. That’s perfectly fine because your pool should reflect your tastes and preferences as much as the rest of your property. However, if you are looking for a pool shape that can be combined with a wide variety of architectural styles, the rectangular pool is the obvious choice. It has clean lines and streamlined shapes that suit modern homes but is still classic enough to blend well with more traditional homes. You can hardly go wrong with a rectangular pool.

5.  They are easy to landscape around

Landscaping is an important consideration when you decide to install a pool in your backyard. After all, this will significantly affect the quality of your pool and determine the functionality of your garden.

The first thing you need to do is determine the right location for your pool. It must look good from all angles, both from the outside and the inside. You will be looking at your pool for many years, so it needs to be a stunning sight that will encourage you to get outside and enjoy it to the fullest.
A rectangular pool is the most accessible type of pool to put up. Most homes follow a straight line in their construction, so a rectangular pool will automatically look good whether it is close to the house or further away parallel to it. Plus, a rectangle is a standard shape that makes it easier to look attractive from any angle.

Your landscaping should also make the most of the remaining space in your yard, as you’ll need to consider other elements of outdoor living. With a rectangular pool, this is easier to accomplish. The regular shape makes it easier to plan the rest of your garden design. This allows you to create space for socializing and relaxing by the pool while making the most of the other areas of your garden.
Attractive and highly functional landscaping is essential to increasing the value of your home. With a rectangular pool, you can create a connected flow that looks stunning while providing all the practical features you need for an active and fulfilling outdoor life.

6.  They make the best infinity pools

The infinity pool is a major trend and is considered the ultimate luxury. These beautiful pools have a “disappearing edge”, so it looks like the water is falling away. An infinity pool can offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding area, whether it’s a rural landscape or a bustling city. It’s also an incredibly peaceful way to enjoy the water, as you feel like you are directly part of your surroundings without being hindered by barriers.

Rectangular pools are by far the best choice for an infinity pool. The long, straight design is ideal for creating a disappearing edge. This way, you’ll feel like you are a part of nature while swimming, and you’ll be the envy of your friends for having the most luxurious pool in the neighborhood!

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